perjantai 30. maaliskuuta 2012

I'm an awful person :p

Hi everyone!

Due extremely busy life and various stuff going on in full size life my miniatures have been neglected greatly for over an year now but trying to get back to them slooowlyyy.

I hope everyone's is doing great and you all are enjoying your life and miniatures and the spring :)

I'm currently trying to finish the Poe and Toscana houses, got The Secret Garden ready and it moved to my friends house as the houses take too much space - guess an everyday problem for us all :D

Big hug to you all, I promise to be a better person and pop in more often,



keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2011

Hello you all and sorry!

I've been away for a long time due many things and I feel so bad not contacting any of you so my HUGE apologies to you all, hope that I haven't hurt anyones feelings.

I've been sick (nothing too serious), my computer broke down, had some personal issues to figure out (not done yet with them), my dogs got some puppies and they are now 11 weeks old, still some of them without home, so they've and the 2 months pregnancy time have taken all my freetime. Excuses, but hope you understand.

I still have some stuff to send out to people and have received wonderful things from fellow bloggers, I'll try to get some pictures and updates done on those things and try to get all the packages on their way this month.

Haven't done any minis at all, been mostly in a bad mood and done some knitting. Now I'm recovering from a dog bite (not ours) in my hand, still have to get those two last stitches off :)

So, missed you all big time and once more, I'm really sorry.


maanantai 9. elokuuta 2010

Slow with minies

I was supposed to do so much more this weekend, but the weather has been so hot and humid, it has taken the "juices" out of me :) Today I spent 3 hours watching dressage with my daughter and after we had huge storm here so had to plug the internet connection off. Well, watched another movie, Syriana, it was actually really good :)

Here's what I've done today, a pink flower arrangement for Kathi's Flamingo Inn, a tray of oysters and a turqoise parfume bottle for her beach house. Did the same for the India room as well as a small box and put orange roses to a floor vase, which is actually a thing you put your cigarettes out with :)  Hope you like your gifts Kathi, the rest remains a suprise :)

And beign 5 years and 1 day can be really stressful, so one needs to relax, again :D

I just have so much fun with these dogs, they make me laugh so many times in a day :) I had Mr. Pampse today in the stabels with me and he was so funny, didn't know where to go as there was some bread, cat food, horse food, horse poop etc. around and couldn't decide what to eat :D He even jumped to the paddock and started to eat one horses mysli :D Greedy little guy, I should film him sometime, he's just so hilarious :D

lauantai 7. elokuuta 2010

Mr.Indi's 5th birthday and some minies

Our Indi, Mr.Köökkörssön how I call him, had his 5th birthday today and we took him and his mom for an icecream, they both had vanilla - tried to eat the paper cups also :D This is how he looked as a baby, here he is with his big brother Mr. Pampse :) I just love this pic :D

We have again an awful heatwave here and it's just too damn hot to do anything. So basically have been laying around the house and watched Fame with the kids, but managed to do some gifts :)
Here's some paeonies to Sans mom's garden

And some other minies to the person who's name you can see in the pic :)

I'm no book maker, but thought to do an original Oiseau de Nim book - La pâtisserie Francais :)

The recipes are all in French and they are real ones :)
Have a great weekend everyone :)

perjantai 6. elokuuta 2010

More stuff for India room

Here's what I've done to the room today
A paravent from Cynthia Howe kit, the hinges were impossible for me to attach as I don't have that small screwdriver, so used leather instead. My daughter chose the picture for the wall and I did the back for the day bed. And here's a wall scone for a candle:

The candle holder is a small metal tray that Glenda sent me :)

We decided that the chair isn't going to go to this room, we'll do the low table and lots of pillows to sit on, now have to decided where to put the chair :)

And made also a open dragon book

The leather and the thread is from Glenda, she also sent me the little dragon bone part which is made by Nikki :)

I also made some more flowers from the kits, red and white poppies, dusty millers and dandelions :)

torstai 5. elokuuta 2010

An altar

This is what I've gotten done today, not too much :)
On the left there's a singing bowl with its pillow and the thing on the right has a name and purpose, but have happily forgotten it :D

I also made a chair from Cynthia Howe's kit

It still needs the fabric, but I'm not sure it will stay in this room. I love the shape and think that it would fit so nicely, but the room is quite small and I think that a low table and lots of pillows would be more accurate, have to ask my daughter when she comes home.

Did some painting today, the sideboard and fireplace for the vampire room are ready and I've ordered a chair from Kris, it's going to be fabulous :) Now just have to get that room done :D

Now off to bed, I'm totally ready to go to sleep so nighty night to you all, sweet dreams :)

keskiviikko 4. elokuuta 2010

Flowers from Monika, some mouldy fruit, amazing baby shoes and some strange visitor...

My flowers from Monika arrived, thank you so much :) The waterhose & holder are fab :)
Poe got his moldy fruits from Kiva to his kitchen, tried to take a close-up pic, but with my camera no luck. But I can assure you that they are more than amazingly fabulous!

Then my giveaway prize from Susan arrived, these little shoes are amazing, really can't understand how someone can crochet that small! Thank you so much Susan :)

I just noticed that there's some strange visitor in Poe house...

He seems to be staring buzzled the raven, wondering where in the hell has he moved to :D And in this occassion - Silly Skellingtons :D

Oh, and a big suprise, I was asked to write a article to the Finnish Dollhouse Associations magazine - eek! :D  It's going to be quite hard, maybe doing the little thing on the Poe house, but the writing part is going to take some time, as for me it's for some reason easier to write in English stuff about the minies than in Finnish, so wish me luck :D

tiistai 3. elokuuta 2010

India room got a daybed canopy

Here's what I've been doing besides some flowers for the Toscana garden
Really don't have slightest idea if they had such canopys in the palaces, but I really wanted one :D This Indian room is going to be more free in style and not so accurate compared to Sans wonderful Rolla house, but I've been given some (lots) advice from her, so trying to do some authentic looking things in there :) Maybe this room could be regarded more like 1000 and one night-room :D

Now have to figure out how to do the daybed and then arrange the curtains better around it. I also need to do a table, a small altar for the gods, find some carpets and do a faux door for which I've orderd some filigree pieces  already, hope that they arrive soon :)

I'll take pics of the Toscana garden when I have some more stuff added there, have ordered some Bonnie Lavish kits - pink roses from which I'll make a climber to the wall, some more carnations, cushion mums, poppies and marigolds.

I'll do another garden to the other end of the house, there will be a covered dining area and a balcony and the flowers in there will be white, different shades of blue and lilac, a calm garden. I might add a water feature there also :)

Now to do some more Indian stuff :)

Indian palace room

I've been for the last couple of days trying to finish some swaps, I'll take tomorrow to the post the swaps with Monika and Wanda :)

Today wanted to do something totally different, so started to do the Indian room. Here's how it looks like now:

I've been trying to find some printable Indian wall murals, but with no luck so had enough today and covered the walls with fabric. There will be 2 windows on each side of the door, but I'll get them in a couple of weeks so couldn't cut the openings yet. There will be no door, just this opening to a small pation garden. Now I'm searching differnt kinds of copper items for the room as well as ornate filigree pieces in rectangular shapes. It's going to be a long search :D

I've done a couple of new flowers to the Toscana garden as well as a gate door, it's still missing the hardware.

The pic is really bad, the flowers on the ground are actually bright red.

And here's the Tosca-corner in the living room :)

sunnuntai 1. elokuuta 2010


My first try with paeonies, quite ok, the leaves are incorrect in shape, but don't have right now the right shaped punch :)

Now off to do some horse stuff, some pics of Toscana garden later on today :)