maanantai 15. helmikuuta 2010

Ok, now I'm in trouble :D

My friend Hanne bought a dollhouse and I've been googling around to find some instructions, ideas and stuff for her. And you know how it goes - after seeing some amazing dollhouses and stuff that people have done, I'm hooked!

So, I'm doing first a small cake shop, it's going to be really cheerful oldtime shoppe with the colour scheme red-white. I've ordered some ready made cakes and stuff, but I'm also trying to do some by myself, but I'll be doing some polymer clay stuff for years before becoming as good as (if never) some amazingly talented people I've found from the web. See yourself:

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Kims miniatures

Here's a couple of pics of my first diy dollhouse stuff that I made for Hanne - she can stuff them to the attick to hide away :D They are to resemble (distantly) parfume bottles, bathbombs, hat and a hat box, bathmat and slippers, sugared figs, grapewine etc.

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