maanantai 22. helmikuuta 2010

Witchy bottles

This is all I have got done today, glueing the labels to the bottles and filling them.

Finding stuff for filling was fun, the blood of the undead is chili sauce and the potion booster is jalapeno tabasco :) The wonderful labels are from Deadspiders Etsy shop.

Here's some stuff that I have to my houses already:

For the dark house (where the potion bottles are going)

For the French villa

And lots of more coming by mail (I've ordered so much stuff that I don't even remember what so it's like Christmas when opening the packages :) ). I do have still problems in finding beds for the houses - everything I like costs too much and all affordable ones aren't what I'm looking for. Thought it probanbly would be quite good idea to get the houses first :D That's my other problem, I probably have to build the French villa myself, as I haven't found any houses that would be ideal for it. And to save some cost the dark house is also going to be diy-thing. I think that it will be wise to start with it, as it doesn't matter so much if the walls are croocked etc. :D

And please, could the snowing stop, we're going to have some snow still in June as it's going to take so long for all this to melt.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Those labels are great, that spidery writing style adds the perfect touch. What a wonderful collection of bits and pieces you have there.

  2. You've got some really cool looking stuff!!