keskiviikko 30. kesäkuuta 2010

Some more gardening minies

I was supposed to start the part two of the possible 200 giveaway but did some more to the garden set

The green stuff in the planter is removable - I'm not going to do any flowers as I'm totally hopeless with them and need tons of practise :D I just get exhausted even thinking of the small petals and the amount of them - I've tried to start to do some pansies, but everytime I read the instructions, I put the kit away and find something else to do :D And I have kits for pelargoniums and hydrangea also, see if I'll ever get them done :D

A new house :D

Found this in the local store and had to buy it as it was on sale, only 25 euros :)

It's 17cm (204cm) wide from inside, 22 cm (264cm) high to the straight part and with the roof the over all height is 30 cm (360cm) and it's 40 cm (480cm) long. The whole roof comes off.

Now I just have to decide what to do with it - it would be perfect as it is as a greenhouse but I'm totally hopeless with the flower kits :D Or it would be a nice witches house also, have a tatched roof and do the walls with plaster and tiles showing here and there. I'm tempted to do the witch house as I'm itching to start it and have to build it from scratch.

Got one set of minies done :)

Very country style gardening stuff

This will be the first part of my 200 follower give away, if I ever get so many :D But thought that better to do something ready, now I can start the second part ;)

tiistai 29. kesäkuuta 2010

The other potting table ready :)

With Nikki's fab stuff I got the other potting table ready and this is how it looks like

Here's a Nikki corner :)

The greenhouse is lookin better with Kat's hat and broom and with Nikki's potion bottles :)

I love this view :)

Now to do some minies, got half of the house cleaned :)

Have I missed something? Is it Christmas already?

The postman had some packages for me today and I'm feeling like having a mini Christmas :D

First theses wonderful things from Ewa
I asked her to send me some of those eggholders for my Christmas decorations and she had added all the other fab stuff - it all will go to my daughters India room, thank you SO much Ewa :)

Then there was a package from Kate, the cabinet I bought from Ebay but she had added a fab bookstack and vampire mirror, thank you, thank you Kate :)

Then my stuff from Kaleidoskopic Romance arrived, the book is to the witches house and the blood to my vampire room :)
And did some shopping at Merry Gourmet Miniatures

And then my order from Kat the Hat Lady arrived

These hats are just fabulous! And Kat had nicely added books and a broom, thank you so, so much :)
Look at these hats closer

These hats are going to the Toscana house :)
And here's my custom order witches hat to my forgotten greenhouse, I love it :)
And then a package arrived from Nikki, OMG, just see for yourself!

Any picture really can't do these fabulous minies justice, you really have to see them irl! The detailing is unbelievable and the quality 110% - I just LOVE all of them and now my dissappeared witch is rotten spoiled :D Really don't know how to thank you Nikki, you're such a sweetheart so THANK YOU, THANK YOU and one more time THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a huge hug :D
Now I'm off to play with my new minies :D

Minies and some garden pics

Here are some minies I did yesterday

Finally gotten myself to a bit gardening mood :)
Here's some pics from the garden, in where I'm all the time the loosing part against the fight with weeds...
Some paeonies

My Marmelade heuchera survived the winter :)

And so did my weigelas - the more cultivated species are not hardy here, so they die almost to the ground every year

Here's a pic of my white-silver-wine red-varieageted flower bed, still a lot of ground to cover with plants :)

And here's one shady border

I've redone every year my main flower bed and have to do it again this summer, as the dogs just walk through it no matter what I do so decided stop fighting with them and do a small gravel path where they walk :)

sunnuntai 27. kesäkuuta 2010

Something totally different and the horse :)

We were most of the day at my mother-in-laws so not so much time for minies, but did some, be aware, it's flowery, cute and there's no moss!!!

Are you shocked? :D

Well, got the first layer of paint on the witches potion hutch, don't know yet what I'll do for the inside

Here's one pic of our horse Akcija

Cabinet for the forgotten greenhouse

This is what I've been doing for the whole day:

And here it's in the greenhouse:

In the cabinet there's Nikki's dragon eggs and mini potion bottle and Glenda's basket and tiny notebook :)
I also added a birdcage
I would love to have a sleeping bird in the greenhouse :D
There's still so much missing, Kat has done a witches hat, Nikki's pumpkin bottles, Wendies baby Sleepyheads - can't wait to see them :)

Oh and I forgot to say that I'm thinking of incorporating the greenhouse and the witches house - the greenhouse is the place for herb collecting and in the house she does all the potions. And this of course means that the witches house is also "sleeping" - yippee, more mossing ahead :D

perjantai 25. kesäkuuta 2010

Potting table done :)

And here's how it looks like

The Mandrake sack is from Nikki and the to-be-potted plant is from Eva :)
Here it's in the greenhouse

Here's the other potting table that's outside, it still needs some stuff to it

Now have to go to do some barbequing :)

Some mossing up done :)

I was supposed to get done so much more stuff today, but we decided to do the paddocks for the horses today and got it done at 11 pm so not so productive mini-day today :)
But did some mossing to the greenhouse:

It was such fun to do, almost over did it, but hey, it's forgotten garden so the moss has had decades to grow in peace :D Painted and mossed up a chair also and did a open book:

I was planning to do a fireplace inside the greenhouse, but don't know if it fits there, as the house is so small. Tomorrow I'll try to get a table done and some plants on top of it :)

torstai 24. kesäkuuta 2010

Holiday swap finished :)

I finally got the holiday swap finished and will take it to the post on Friday, tomorrow is too busy day :) This is sooo hard not to be able to post the pics what I've made, as this time I feel quite satisfied what I've made and I can tell you it's not the case very often :D

And I will post your package also on Friday Glenda, it's still missing a couple of things, but they'll come in another package :)

Have to get those packages on their way so I can do some work on the houses, they've been neglected for too long now, bad me... but I'm itching to start building the witches house :D With this rate I'll have 10 unfinished houses in no time :D But tomorrow I'll do some work with the forgotten garden (so it isn't it literally :D ) as there's some fab things coming to it - Wendy has made the most wonderful baby Sleepyheads and some Nikki's pumpkin potion bottles are going to have home there also - as soon as I get the *censored* credit card work with the Paypal :(

tiistai 22. kesäkuuta 2010

Glenda's wonderful minies arrived and some minies done for Glenda :D

I got a package today from Glenda, I did some shopping in her Etsy store - yes, it was me who emptied it from the wonderful bottles :D

Those journals are so wonderfully made and the brown one is the tiniest I've ever seen!

As a suprise Glenda sent some leather, I'm SO happy especially as there's some real snake and possum skin, they are my little treasures, thank you so much Glenda!

There was also a black straw carpet which I forgot to take photo as it's already in its position in Poe's houses enterance :)

And how conviently I did some minies for Glenda today, here they are, hope you like them :)

The wand on the front has a "dragon" head, it's more clear IRL than in the picture.

A pouch holding some stakes, vampires, be aware :D

And an antique map of Transsylvania and Paris and a letter in Russian that has some blood stains on it :)

But no, I'm not going to take the package to the post yet as I can fit more to it, so be patient :D