torstai 18. helmikuuta 2010

This is totally crazy...

I've been spending all my freetime in internet googling around blogs and websites about dollhouses and I'm going nuts! So beautiful houses, all itsy bitsy things crafted superbly, wonderful flowers etc. etc.

So, I'm gonna have to have more than a house. Have to. So, my cake shoppe should arrive in the beginning of next week, so I can start assemblying it. I have lots of stuff for it already and bought many different colours of Fimo today, so some cakes and other sweets should (note, if the come out nice, which I doubt a lot) be done over the weekend.

But, I also have some witchy, dark stuff and with it I want to do a explorers house or at least a roombox.

And after seeing this house: French villa I totally have to have a similar French house.

So, decided 2 weeks ago that I want a small cake shoppe, now I want already 3 houses, what will it be in two weeks? :D

I'll take some pics tomorrow of the stuff I've done, not much, but some, like flowerpots which are a big pain in the butt let me tell you. I thought it would be so easy to make some small pots of air drying clay. Bullocks. The first pot, rectangular one, took over 1 hour to get the shape look at least a bit what I intented it to be. You'll see this horror pot tomorrow, I planted in it something that tries to be a begonia.

I'm getting really frustrated with this dollhouse thing - I google, I visit a blog, I see something nice, see the instructions, try it myself and no, no, no, it really isn't that easy, let me tell you.

Now off to do some planning about tomorrows Fimo-session (probably is going to turn to a Fimo-session from Hell :D )

Good night you all,


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  1. I love Lea Frisoni's website too, so much inspiration, and I am very luckly to have her book although I haven't made any projects from it yet. If you love French things, and miniatures, I am sure you would enjoy the blog