perjantai 30. heinäkuuta 2010

My orders from Kat and Dale arrived and got the olive tree ready :)

Here's what I had ordered from Kat for Poe house
That black hat is just fabulous, I'll take tomorrow better detailed pics of it. And that parasol in the fron is just perfect for Eleonora :) Sorry, stained the wood part to fit my dark interior :)
And ordered a hat to my Bakery and one to my friend Hanne :)

Kat had put in the package two beautiful doilies, books and a picture frame :) Thank you so much Kat, I love your hats, maybe I need some more :D

And then some more stuff from Dale to Poe house

Monogram pillows E.A.P and Dale had nicely added an O :) The carpet is from Dale, it fits perfectly to the bedroom/study :)
The two other pillows are going to my black and white room - yes, going to do one :D - and Dale had so nicely added these two fabulous pictures, I love them :)

And one more thing to Poe, I couldn't resist this beauty from Cilla/Minst

Isn't it fab? The lovely box behind is from Sans :)

Then the Toscana garden, got some mossing and grassing done and also did a shutter to the window, anyone would like to join for a salad?

And did one zinnia kit, don't know what I did wrong - the kit was supposed to do 9 flowers and I have petals left for at least 15 zinnias more :D

And here's the olive tree, it's full of those damned glue threads - had to use the glue gun as the plastic leaves didn't want to stick with tacky glue.

But we can always think that there's a spider living in the tree or is it a ghost tree?

I for some reason love this pic :)

Now off to start with the peach tree and maybe some more zinnias :)
You all have a wonderful weekend :)

Toscana garden coming together

This is what I've been doing for a couple of days
Lots to do still. I would love to do a pergola with grapewine on the left side where the sofa is right now but have to figure out where to get the leaves, the grapes and wine part is easy. And lots and lots of plants needed, some of the swap flowers are going here and I have app. 20 flower kits to put together :) And need to finish my olive tree and do one peach tree :)

This garden is in the kitchen end, to the other end of the house I'll do app. same sized walled garden, which will have covered dining area and stairs going up to the balcony. And more flowers there, a wisteria is a must on the wall and need some rose climbers also :)

Now off to bed, it's almost 2 am here :)

keskiviikko 28. heinäkuuta 2010

Bowls and olive tree

Here's what I've done today besides sanding the Toscana garden's tiles

The bowls are an experiment, had some clay left over and tried something new. They still have to be painted. The olive tree was fun to make, have been thinking for days how to make it. The trunk and branches are cut from wild blueberry and painted. The olives are small flowermaking things painted and the leaves are cut from artificial plant leaves that are exactly the right color. The tree, the wannabe-lavender and the small garden showel (or whatever) are going to move to Wanda's greenhouse, hope you like them :)

Now off to do some more sanding, I hope that I could do the tiling to the garden today and would love to get the house wall plastered, just need to do an outside light so most probably not going to be done today :D

I've now decided that I'll do a small dragon themed roombox, ordered a fab brass dragon stamping for the wall, that's about all I've decided there is :D Some table is needed also, I'm thinking a Tudor styled one would look fab. Maybe it will be a dragon slayers room :)

And should cut today also the Indian roomboxes walls, just have to decide what's the interior finish on them. And the roof style is already decided but need to do some light before putting it in it's place.

So better to go and do stuff :D

Mouldy fruits by Kiva :D

Look at them! FABULOUS! I can't wait to get them, they are going to look SO fab in Poe's kitchen :D
I just can't get over how real they look and I know that they will be even more fab when I see them IRL :) And look at those worms - I love them!
Thank you Kiva for making them :)

tiistai 27. heinäkuuta 2010

Packages from Glenda, Nikki, Asuka and Small Wonders arrived :) And some little updates on the houses :)

First Glenda, look at ALL THESE minies, I'm just speechless with you my friend, I'll send you another package soon :)
Note the mushrooms from Kiva, they are just amazing. And I love the new shape of Glendas potion bottles and that standing one is just amazing!

Leather, eel skin, tiny leaves, dried grape bibs and laminate samples :)
Veggies and Nikki-stuff :)

Glenda's handmade amazing spiderweb and tons of little pieces I'll sure have fun with :)

A secret diy thing, I'l releaved it later if I manage to finish it :D

Then Nikki, as amazed, again!

Someone is already practicing broom skills :D

And he needs some friends, I'm thinking that a bat would be nice :D

And no, he isn't standing in his poop, just a temporary attachment :D

Gardening stuff :)

Boards, potion and witchy flowers :)
I really need to start building the witch house!

And then Asuka's fabulous minies, I just can't believe those little teabags, didn't open the packages yet so I wont loose them :)
And my order from Small Wonders, check it out, she has wonderful stuff in there :)

And then the houses, got the Indian room floor done

And here's Toscana houses garden with walls

This house is going to be big, don't know where to put it :D After I cut the garden base and put it in the place, I realized that I need to do a small strip of ground around the house and to the other end another little garden - so it's growing :D


An award from Ascension :)

Got this beautiful award from Ascension, thank you so much :)
It's so hard to choose the blogs to forward this so this award is to all my wonderful followers :)

maanantai 26. heinäkuuta 2010

Have a relaxing week :D And welcome new followers :)

I had to post a pic of our dog Indi who really knows how to relax :D

And welcome to KJ, Minna, Shelley, Lataina, Alemikimikri, Eva, Youclan, Victoria, Deni, Birgit, Janny and Clara, really nice to have you all here, hope you enjoy my minies :)
So, have a relaxing week :D

Today's little minies

Here's what I've done today

I had some fun making different things from the jewellery parts that I have, I'm really pleased how they turned out, especially like that glass hurricane lantern :) 

Cut yesterday the Toscana houses garden base and walls, I've been trying to come up with a plan for the garden. Most of the area will be tiled, but want some plants on the ground also. Have to think about it a bit longer how I should  make it :)

Have a great week everyone :)

lauantai 24. heinäkuuta 2010

Carol's swap ready, Wanda's in the progress and vampire flowers for Glenda

Here's my "flower" swap for Carol, some items for her captain's room

Hope you like them :)

And got some of the stuff done for Wanda

The bowl has broken terracotta pieces in it, every gardener needs some :)

And got the vampire flowers done for Glenda, which one do you prefer? The one without vase can stand on it's own on a table or it can be put on a wall with a pot (or whatever you call it)

Now off to cut the Toscana garden base, finally :)

perjantai 23. heinäkuuta 2010

Janice's package arrived and oh my!

Look at all this!

They are just fabulous, thank you SO MUCH Janice :) These flowers are going to the Toscana and witches house, they will look fabulous there - just need to build the garden and the house :D I'm just baffled with all these wonderful things, really didn't expect this much - I'll practise with my minies a bit more and send you a thank you for these :)

torstai 22. heinäkuuta 2010

Kim, close your eyes, swap ready :D

Got Kim's flower swap ready today :)
The red&white sunflowers are for the candy house, some arrangements for the flower shop and daisies where ever Kim wants to put them. And if you couldn't keep your eyes closed, hope you like them Kim :D And there's absolutely no hurries with my stuff, just take your time :)
Now I can start to do my swap things for Wanda and Carol, have tons of ideas already :)

I did some shopping today for the Poe house, ordered a carpet and some pillows from Dale, more food and drinks to the Toscana house and some tea from Asuka, can't wait to see them :) And did some heavy emptying in Nikki's Etsy store, now my sleeping bird will have his own birdstand, but there was tree branches so hmmm, should he have some company? :D And got a 1:24 scale broom for the witch mouse and a 1:12 broom for the witch. And a pumpkin and dragon board, I seem to have more and more dragon stuff, maybe some dragony scenes coming up :) And then 6 pumpkins for the forgotten greenhouse, it's going to look fabulous with them :)

Building Poe

Finally got some building work done -sorry swap partners, but these unfinished houses have been bugging me a lot, so had to do some work with one of them :) I'll do tomorrow the swap thing, I promise :)
But here's how Mr. Poe's humble home looks like now

Finally got the lights installed - I truly hate to put them to the house as I loose all the time the pins from the sockets and the lights work on and off...  The picture in the last pic is from Norma, perfect fit to the living room :)

And look, there's grandma :D And some wine - bad Poe!
Granny Poe is a gift from Ewa :)

The bedroom has gotten new things
The bookstand is from Sonya, the book on it is from Norma as are the potraits of Mr. Poe and his wife who gets to play Eleonora's part in this house :) I did the table today, it's going to be Eleonora's altar table, Kat is making a hat and a parasol for it. I have to find somewhere some black silk gloves and other girl stuff in black for that table. The statue over the pictures is from Jody and the little raven on top of it is from Sans :)
Still lots to do, have to fill the Eleonora altar table, make a bench for the bedroom, make mattress and bedding for the alcove, find a carpet for the bedroom, do some curtains and of course do the exterior etc. etc. The kitchen is getting some mouldy fruits and veggies form Kiva :)

Now off to bed, good night/morning to everyone :)