torstai 25. helmikuuta 2010


I did some shopping today. Major. I've been drooling after Greenleaf's dollhouses and whining as there's only one place in Finland where you can get them and they haven't been ordering them for awhile due maternity holiday. I could have gotten them from US, but the shipping costs are ridicilous.

Today I popped to the Finnish shops website and WHOA, they've started to order them again. This is where I lost it. A fast call to my mom - would she buy me a dollhouse for a birthday present? And of course my wonderful mom said yes, so Greenleaf Lily is mine, mine, mine :D :D It's going to be my French house, oh yes!

But, of course I couldn't do with just one Greenleaf, so I ordered also an Orchid - it's going to painted black and become my dark house. But no, two isn't enough, so a Primrose is also going to have home here and it's going to be my pastelly shabby chic house after some construction work. But, but, but, I really do want a Buttercup also - click - it's in the basket. Don't have any clue what I'm going to do with it, but hey, every girl needs a Buttercup, don't you think? (Please say yes...)

I have now 5 dollhouses as my shoppe, Jubilee single terrace is already on its way here from UK. FIVE, what the hell am I thinking? Or more likely, not thinking at all.  I don't even have places for five dollhouses. Orchid has a place, a perfect one in upstairs. Buttercup can be place in the library, Primrose is so small that there shouldn't be any problems with it. Jubilee st is a small problem, as it's so high, but it's maybe going to be placed in the kitchen. But my Lily, it's so big that I really don't know where to put it.

So learn from my mistakes, think hard before going nuts in the web shops :D


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  1. Good grief!!! You have single handedly stimulated the economy of the UK!!! I thought only Donald Trump bought 5 properties in one day!! You are going to have the BEST time, with such a variety of project styles you'll always be able to work on whatever seems like fun on the day. And you are never going to be short of something to blog about that's for sure. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - you mad woman! :) (and that's a compliment by the way)

  2. You are really greedy hahaha...but I think you are right ;-)) Have lot's of fun with you're new houses, and make sure we get to see lot's of pictures;-) x

  3. Yes, I'll enjoy my madness :D Now I just have to patient, as the houses take app. one month to arrive, good time to study how to build them, do the electricity etc. The Greenleaf houses are so nice, especially because they are CHEAP - the biggest, Lily costs here in Finland only 140 euros and the Primrose is only 31 euros, really a bargain :) So, I'm a cheap version of Trump :D

  4. As Donald Trump would tell you, it's not the price you pay that counts, it's the value that you add ;)

  5. Yes, you're right (although I wouldn't mind to have Trump's cash in my pocket...)