maanantai 22. helmikuuta 2010


I've been googling a lot in order to find some wallpaper to my shoppe and it's been really difficult to decide the color scheme but now I finally made some decisions. So, here are the wallpapers, all ordered from a fabulous place called Itsy bitsy mini

The red check is going to the shop area with white panelling, the blue to the first floor (kitchen) with either white washed or red panelling and the red toile to the attic (bedroom). I also orderd some red toile in fabric also.

I also ordered these wallpapers for my French house

Aren't  they just fab?

3 kommenttia:

  1. Lovely lovely papers. I adore that red one with the flowers. Your colour schemes sound great.

  2. Aren't they :) I could have ordered all their papers, as the patterns and colours are just fab!

  3. Yes, they're great, I must check out their website.