keskiviikko 31. maaliskuuta 2010

Some new things

Here's the last Michael's hutch, it went to the Bakkery's kitchen
Now it needs some stuff in it, at least different kinds of teapots are going to the top self - now the "collection" is quite pathetic :D

For the gray house I did a couple of more chairs, found nice coloured roses and painted a ceramic plate

Here's a close up of the brass cup, it and its 7 friends are going to the Russian house. And in the pic there's also a close up of a dog hair, ignore it please :D

I also did an apron for the Bakkery's lady, I don't think it's too much use anymore :( The lady did perfect nadas and even sold some of them, but no - as you can see, it just wasn't enough, nadas won't keep you alive...

Isn't the skeleton fab? :D I saw it in one store and had to get it, I'll find some use for it, so don't worry the Bakkery lady is alive and kicking, somewhere :D

I've decided that I'm going to build the Gray beach house myself, let's see what kind of  catashtrope it's going to be... On the ground floor there's kitchen and livingroom, on first floor bathroom, bedroom and ? room, any ideas? I was thinking of library/workroom for a writer, but I don't even want to think making all of those books...

Now off to do something,

tiistai 30. maaliskuuta 2010

Welcome Kim and Mônica :)

Nice to have you here :)


Welcome Catherine and Nyork :)

Really nice that you've joined my blog,


maanantai 29. maaliskuuta 2010

Some small things done

Today hasn't been the most productive day as I've been really tired - I can tell you that it's not too smart to go to bed at 3.30 am when you have to wake up at 7 am. No, it's stupid :D

Here's my small things of today
A picture and a mirror to the Gray house as well as a basket with firewood. The carpet is going to the Russian house, but it actually looks quite good with the gray stuff so it might stay.
I also found some nice food that go with the colour scheme

All bought, I really would be happy to be able to do this good food items from Fimo. I think that I need to hunt down a clam soup and some fish.

Welcome Mags and Marisa :)

Nice to have you here,


sunnuntai 28. maaliskuuta 2010

Some new gray things

I haven't gotten that much done today, but here's something

I can tell you that it was a pain to get the yard inside these Fimo candles. Or at least it was a pain for me, but I'm pleased with the result :)

And this is what happened to the lower part of Michael's hutch, the upper part is in the Bakkery

I still have to figure out how to make the doors open or actually figure out how I get to do it :) I did also a jug and painted a star for the wall.

Welcome Nati, Koronka and Margarita :)

Hope that you have some nice times in my blog,


lauantai 27. maaliskuuta 2010

Been having some fun and got minis done :)

I liked so much to do some calm things so here's what I have done/collected from my stash to the now white-gray shabby beach house:

I painted the tray table and found some charms

Sanded a bit the coffee table and did a filigree basket

Previously made crowns fit here nicely

Painted and upholstered an Euromini chair and painted the table

These colours and items are really me, the Bakkery is my color therapy house :)
Next I need to do a matress and bedlinen to the bed and paint another chair. I'll also try to do gray candles of Fimo to the chandelier, a mirror is also a must have, some pictures, table linen, cushions, jug, cups - I'm really having fun :D

Now I just have the tiny problem - all this stuff isn't going to fit to the Beach house, so either I have to start to plan an extension or build a house from scratch and use the intended Beach house for something else...

See ya,

Welcome Carol and Miniature Maid :)

Nice to have you here,


Some new stuff

Bakkery's bedroom got an upholstered chair and some bedlinen
The fabrics are from Jody at Beach Blossom Hill :) I did dip them in black tea to tune the brightness bit down.

I also did some small wall signs for the kitchen

Yesterday I did some shopping, scrapbook paper for wallpaper and flooring and some fabrics

The colourfuls in the middle are going to my Russian house, the black beige ones to Dark house or to the French-Savannah-what ever.

I got some chikenwire-tulle, jihaa :) The diamond patterned is going to go to Russian house,  I probably will make a rug out of it. The dark brownish gray and linen are multipurpose ones and the checked ones - I just had to get them although they remind me of the Swedish Gustavian style, which I don't have in any houses... Well, they'll fit somewhere :)

And after doing the Bakkery's interior so long, I got sick and tired of all the color, so I need to do something calm. Another Michael's hut had a change over

Notice the chicken wire ;) I have to be careful not to get carried away with it :D This is going to be a china cabinet for the Beach house, which might have a new style - I had all this pastel colours in mind and have already done some stuff with those colours, but I'm thinking now if I should stick with the white, gray and a hint of egg blue.

Here's another "calm" thing, it's from Eurominies

It doesn't have a home yet, but it fits nicely in all houses :)

I was supposed to sleep today really late, but no, one of the dogs had to go to do the poop at 7 am so here I am. Tired as hell as I went to bed last night at 3 am so I might take a nap during the day.

keskiviikko 24. maaliskuuta 2010

Welcome M Carmen and Kate :)

Hope you have some good times in my blog :)


tiistai 23. maaliskuuta 2010

Miniature chickenwire? And a samovar?

Does anyone has a clue where you could get some? I know that it exists as in Lea Frisoni's book there's chickenwire. But no luck with google. I want some chickenwire, really want, but all I can find is some mini net with square holes. No, it has to look authentic and no, I won't even try to do it myself, even if someone has some instructions for it :)

Also I'm looking for an authentic looking Russian samovar, but no luck so far. I do have one not-quite-samovar, thanks to Glenda, but still want the real thing. Any ideas? And no, I don't have money to have it custom made, won only 1 euro in the Lottery.

First Michael's hutch under change

Here's what happened to one hutch right away

And here's where it went

Aren't I a nice person - Jody sends me some hutches and I rip one of them right away apart? :D

Thanks Jody again :)

Welcome Mar and Dora :)

Hope that you have nice time in my blog,


Look what the postman brought :)

We had a small swap with Jody at Beach Blossom Hill and the package arrived today :)
I now have not one but three of the famous Michael's hutches :D
And the fabrics are so nice, with the yellow I'll cover the Bakkery's bedroom chair and the white one is just perfect to the Beach house :)

Thanks Jody :)

Welcome Carmen, tervetuloa Mirja ja Seepia-Mella :)

Nice to have you here, tervetuloa seuraamaan höpinöitäni :)


maanantai 22. maaliskuuta 2010

Anthoula's cheesecake give away :)

Go and check it out ´- or actually don't so I have better chance to win the small cakes :D Just kidding :D

Don't they look mouth watering?

Bakkery - some new things and thinking about the layout

I've added some small stuff to the Bakkery

I bought the shelving before having the Bakkery and was initially thinking to put it on the back wall but because of the stairs, it doesn't fit. So, tried it to the sidewall - I kind of like it, what do you think? I'm going to paint it white and either paint the area behind the shelves or wallpaper it. I'm also thinking of doing a small toilet under the stairs as it's the only place it can fit. And I need to have a toilet.

Found my white pen and scribbled something on the blackboard. I also did a small picture and found a nice crown charm - this Bakkery is awarded by the Prince of this Nadalandia :)

There will be a oven on the front, I will glue it on the opening front wall between the windows. I don't know if the cupboard is too much on the right.

I can't find any lights that I like to the bedroom and kitchen, so I have to try to make them myself. To the kitchen I would like to have  a chandelier with red and blue chrystals. It's going to be a nightmare to try to build it...

Now a cup of coffee and some cigs,

It's here and isn't it beautiful!

Josje's wonderful chest arrived today and OMG, it's just perfect :)
A pretty, pretty package

And the chest itself

I really don't know how to thank Josje, this chest is my most beautiful piece of mini I have :) The pics don't do justice to it, you have to see it in person.

This chest is going to cost me a lot of money you know - the room where it's going has to have THE perfect furniture around it, like Besbaq :D

Thank you Josje, you're one really talented person :)

sunnuntai 21. maaliskuuta 2010

Welcome Julia and Angeles :)

Really nice that you've joined my blog,


Marleen's give away!

She's giving this wonderful set, go and check it out on her blog

Busy weekend

but I've got something done. Here's pics of the Bakkery's current state:

Painted and upoholstered the chair, did a small table, the blackboard gets some words on it as I find my white pen.

Did a worktop next to the sink, on the corner is coming the fridge. The lovely lavendulas are from Hanne :)

Got the bed done, linen still needs to be found somewhere, did a foot stool, the chair needs a cover. On the corner is going to be a fireplace, needs to be done first. I have to make also a chest of drawers and the bedroom needs a lot of more stuff like books, flowers, pictures, carpet, decorative pillows etc. etc. But at least I've got something done :)

I was today at the dog show and it was a success - my lovely Caja got the CAC and CACIB what she needed, she will be Finnish Champion after we take her to the mental test next summer :) I'm so happy and proud of my beautiful girl :)

Now off to do some dinner, then hopefully I'll stay awake and get some minis done :)

perjantai 19. maaliskuuta 2010

Spring - what spring?

This is totally bizarre. We're almost in the end of March and the snowbells and crocus should start blooming soon, but no - we got app.15 cm snow last nigth! This is going to be really interesting spring and summer as with this rate, the daffodils are going to bloom simultaneously with roses and tulips probably will bloom in July. This snowing and minus degrees could end already.

Anyways, I have a stable-free day today so after walking the dogs I'll do some minis :)


torstai 18. maaliskuuta 2010

Welcome Alienora and Núria :)

Thank you for following my blog,


Life takes too much time from my minies...

This week is totally crazy, Kara has ringette practice every evening as does Ron have hockey and tomorrow my brother has his 50th birthday party and Sunday I'm going to a dog show, wishing to get a CAC and CACIB to our CAO bitch - no time for minies, mrrr.

Well, I've got something done, but they are going to Jody at Beach Blossom Hill, so can't put picks of them here, otherwise it would ruin the suprise. And saying this, Jody, don't except anything great, as my mini crafting skills are still in their baby shoes :D

But I want (and will) get something done this weekend, just have a slight problem with the Bakkery - can't decide to which era it belongs. Any suggestions ladies? There is electrical lights and running water so it has to be fairly modern, but how modern? Should I have a retro 50's fridge? Then I would need a bathroom. Or could it be in the beginning of 20th century? (did they have running water at that point all over Europe?)

I won't be doing any exact period as my wallpaper isn't for sure suitable for the older times, but I still want the basics to be right. So, what do you suggest, fridge and toilet or running water, outhouse and washstand? Where did the bakers store their cream and milk before fridges? I know, I'm really bad in history... History of interior decoration is much more my thing (I'm also a interior decorator as profession) but at least now I don't want to do any strict replicas of one era, just to have the basics right.

And I want an accent color to the bedroom, which is now red and off white, light turqoisishs light blue or yellow? In real life I would go for the turqoise but should I widen my color world and use yellow, which I don't have in real life anywhere? Isn't this difficult :D My friend Hanne who has also a dollhouse probably thinks that I'm really difficult as I call her (almost daily) and nag about the basic things -" if I have the sink here, the bathroom has to be situated close to it, but if I have the bathroom then the oven is going to be in wrong place as I can't put the chimney above it... nag, nag, nag. As I know how you build houses, do the plumbing, the electricity etc. it's sometimes really difficult for me to "let go" and free my mind with the dollhouses from the real life construction restrictions. Some "mistakes" I can bear, but the still, the nag-nag-me can't yet let it go - tell me about it, how difficult you can do things to yourself :D

Now off to stables,


Welcome Lize :)

Nice to have you here,


maanantai 15. maaliskuuta 2010

Welcome Lena and Jody :)

Really nice to have you guys here and OMG, over 50 followers :) It probably should be time to have a give away, but as I haven't mastered any mini crafts yet, you'll have to wait - I have tons of ideas what to do, but the realization is the problem - minis are quite (hugely) difficult to do. So, I'll wait until I can do something so well that somebody would actually be happy to receive it :D


sunnuntai 14. maaliskuuta 2010

Welcome Allie, Paky, The Sunny Hours, Teresa and Sylvia :)

Welcome to my blog, really nice to have you here in my miniworld :)


I am SO HAPPY!!!!!

I just got an email from Josje - I won her wonderful trunk in her giveaway!!!!! :D

This really made my day, which has been a bit awful - the winter has been so hars that we run out of oil last night and I just noticed that the main fuse has burned. Now we will be freezing for a few days before we get more oil...

But who cares, I have a beautiful chest! :D

Finally, Bakkery is glued together!

This Bakkery will be my practice-house as I've made soooo many mistakes with it, so please, don't look too closely :) The upstairs floor turned out nicely but the other two are really crappy, I'll do them over at some point - at least now if I want to do some tiling on the floor, I will buy ready made tiles now on. The tiling and lino floor are made of paint color samples, the store keeper is probably wondering how come the white and red samples are so popular... :D

It will be filled with stuff so you can't see the mistakes in the structure :D And I've found my most hated construction thing - stairs. I can tell you that they were a big pain to get fit in the house and one baluster had to be left out.

There's still tons of things missing like the skirting board, dadorails on the stairs, ceiling mouldings, lights - and in top of that the exterior... At least I've finally decided how it's going to look - dark gray ceiling, off whitish gray palstered stone, dark gray or black window frames. We'll see what kind of nightmare it's going to be...

perjantai 12. maaliskuuta 2010


The Bakkery's 2nd floors flooring is done!

Next project is to do tile flooring to the 1st floor and redo the shop areas floor as the paper looks so unreal and crappy.

I would be so happy if I could glue the house together this weekend.

keskiviikko 10. maaliskuuta 2010

Welcome Marit and Hissunkissun :)

Nice to have you here,


An idea for a new house...

or to be more precise, a roombox. We have 5 dogs of which 3 are Rhodesian Ridgebacks. One of them is called Gumu, but we also call him Mr. Pumppulsson. To you, who don't know the breed, I can tell you that Ridgebacks are probably the most greedy dog breed, they have bottomless stomachs and do anything to get some food. And food is anything that remotely seems like food. The only thing they won't eat are canned mushrooms - I think that there hase to be something seriously wrong with them, should I pass them also?

So, I would love to have a Mr. Pumppulsson's meat store with a miniature Gumu inside having his stomach full, blood dripping from his lips and chewed bones scattered on the floor. On the door there would be a sign - "Closed due owner ate everything" Now I just have to find some affordable dollmaker who could make a good replica of Mr. Pumppulsson, isn't he cute?

As a small boy

Very strange sleeping

or he's passed out and I have really bad feet... :D

Being nice to little brother

He really needs his own meat store, although I assume he would appreciate a real one much more :D
See ya!

New things for the houses

The kids had stolen the batteries from my camera so I couldn't take any pics until going to the store. Here are my new things, some of it I'm not sure in which house it's going, but I'm sure that everything will find its place :) Here's some of the stuff, there's more small things but I don't want to unpack them as I'm really good in loosing things :D

These tiny shells are so cute :)

I have made a bed, still needs some paintwork and matress etc.

And here are some real cupcakes which I did for my sons birthday and I can assure you that they were good, especially the icing - just normal vanilla-butter icing, but soooo good :)