maanantai 31. toukokuuta 2010

Stuff for Mr.Snapes :)

I was feeling very Pottery so I decided that Mr.Snapes needs some gifts to brighten his day :D Here's what I've done for him - some potion bottles to fill his shelves
A basket of nuts (or what ever those are in the movie - Ewa, you can ditch this when you get an authentic looking one), a magical stone, a silver jar and a glass and stirrers by Ray Storey

And a Griffindor wand, he has confiscated it from someone :D

It comes in this little wand box

These witchy things are such fun to make :)

sunnuntai 30. toukokuuta 2010

Poe has been a hard builder :D

As the arrival date of his bony friends is coming closer and closer, Poe has been working hard with his house and this is how it looks like now:

This is going to be the living room:

And here's the official enterance from which is access to the kitchen

There's a pic of him when he was a bit healthier looking :D

And here's the currently open air upstairs

On the left side will be the bedroom and on the right the bathroom.
Still a lot of to do, but I'm going to finish the downstairs first, as it's fast job now :) And I'm missing lots of furniture, so more building to do. And lights, they are a problem, as the rooms are so low and I'd like to keep all the lights to be candle or oil lights.

Now a BIG CUP of coffee and a couple of cigs - too much work done in a couple of days :D

Welcome :)

Welcome Maia, Louise, Kevin, Teresa, Maria, Julie and Daydreamer :) It's really nice to have you all here :)


perjantai 28. toukokuuta 2010

Poe's kitchen coming together

I'll be busy this weekend with Poe's house, as I've heard a rumour, that there's 3 visitors coming over the seven seas, so the house better be up by then :)

The dry sink and chair kits came and this is how they look like now:

There's a fab new light from Ray Storey, his lights are amazing!

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but this black interior is quite challenging to take pictures of. Now off to do some more construction work :)

Wonderful gifts from Glenda and Annie :)

Sorry for the mistake Glenda - I was just reading Norma's blog and then writing this post so everyone, all these fabulous carpets, the wand and the baskets are from GLENDA - all these paint fumes are probably starting to melt my brain... :D

I really feel like spoiled brat after opening the packages that arrived today :)

This is what Glenda sent:

These carpets are just amazing! The white one will go to Toscana houses kitchen and the white with long pile to Toscana houses atelier. The gray and white will be just perfect for my black&white house, to which I'm collecting stuff. And this little wand, it's just perfect for Poe as there's a little ravens head hanging from it. The wand is made by Ericka van Horn. Here's a little closer pic

And then there were these fab baskets:

Thank you so much Glenda :)

And then there's Annies package, look all the stuff that were in it:

The birdhouses and birdbath are just like made to my greenhouses garden :) And those fab pine finials, they are just perfect for my Toscana house. The gold framed lady is also going to Toscana house but the dragonfly will be tangling in my keychain :) The ornamental metal plate is just fabulous on it's own, but it could also be a wall hanging, a carpet etc. I think that I'll try to do some tiles with it also :) And the colour of the ribbon is just perfect to Toscana house.

And these books, Poe has some reading to do :)

And then there's this corset, it will either go to Toscana houses bedroom or to Poe house to wait for his loved one to return - nevermore :D

Thank you so much Annie, all these things are just fab!

You both ladies are just so wonderful, this mini blogging has introduced me to so many fab people :)

torstai 27. toukokuuta 2010

Greenhouse is growing

Why oh why can't I keep anything small? This is what happened today to the greenhouse

Yes, it has a walled garden area. And that means more building and plants...
Here's a couple closer pics of the walls, thye are made with Bromley Crafts sablon.

I also added some beams to the greenhouse

I want to add some kind of spikes on top of the garden walls and have to do two gates.

I got an idea today for the greenhouses story - it's a "sleeping beauty" so it will be very overgrown with some magical plants (if I manage to do some :D)

Progress on the greenhouse

Now the floor is grouted and the back wall ready :) The tiles on the wall are these elastic ready cut tiles, really easy to work with.

Next have to do the fireplace and the door. And some kind of table, I'll do the bigger potting table outside to a small garden area.

Eva's fab book for Poe house :)

Eva has made this fabulous book&letter set for Poe's house, thank you so much, it's just perfect :)

keskiviikko 26. toukokuuta 2010

Mr. Sleepy Heads greenhouse

As I have to wait for some construction material with the Poe and Toscana house, I started with the witchy greenhouse where Mr. Sleepy Head will live :) Here's how it looks like now:

I still need to make it more worn and dirty, this is result of 4 layers of different paints.

Here's the stone floor, it's real stone, still have to grout it.

The other short wall will be stone wall with a fireplace and chimney and in the other end will be the door, I have to take the glass to be cut smaller. I think that I'll watch some Harry Potter tonigth to get some inspiration. I'm also thinking of making a small walled garden around the greenhouse.

Now off to a football game - my kids have too much hobbies!

Edit - Here's a pic of Mr. Sleepy Head, it's wonderful work of Wendy :)

tiistai 25. toukokuuta 2010

Coal fire tutorial

Here's how I did the fire if someone wants to do similar :)

First find red and yellow plastic beads, I've used a Christmas ornament

These beads area quite big, the yellow one is app.3 cm long. Then you put them in a bag and hit well with hammer. Try to get different size of pieces.

Then you start glueing them together, I've used a glue gun.

Then I've painted it with Waco solvent based glass paint, colour Gold

And then you paint it here and there with black, I've used acrylics. Paint it when the glass paint is still wet, so that the acrylic paint won't stick evenly.

Then you need a bulb and paint it with the gold glass paint.

And then you have everything you need

And here's the result

With the Poe house fire I used Modern Options Blackened Bronze Base Coat as the black paint, this is a bottle that I've bought like 10 years ago and it doesn't work too well anymore with the bronze aging stuff, but is excellent paint to use as it'n nice and matt and dries really fast - I hate to throw stuff away :D

Now off to take my son the hockey practise.

We have coals :D

I got the kitchen range ready, here's how it looks like:

The coals are plastic dark yellow and red beads that I hammered to smaller pieces. Then glued them together and dapped with black paint. Even I say so, it turned out quite nice :)

Now I just wait for the dry sink to arrive so the kitchen furniture is ready.
Next task is to figure out what kind of curtains to make or leave them and do a stained glass window. And have to do a door, as I won't use the one that came in the kit.

Poes kitchen range progress

Here's how the kitchen range looks like, still have to do the fire and coals :)

And got some Etsy shopping done, bought from Nikky 1 mouse & mandrake sack and a plain mouse sack and pumpikins, they are going to the greenhouse with Mr. Sleepy Head :)

Now off to bed, fell a sleep already on the sofa :)

maanantai 24. toukokuuta 2010

For Sans mom - shock warning, ugly hands :D

Here's a pic to shock Sans mom with my no-nail eaten cuticles hands, hope that she'll recover easily :D
(If it makes things a bit better, you can tell her that this ugly hand is photographed on authentic Chinese antiqute table :D)

And to make the shock a bit milder, here's a couple of pics from my garden from last summer :D

Welcome :)

Welcome for miniaturewonderland, Sabrina, Kalmankujan Tiina, Michelle and Robin, really nice to have you all here, hope that you enjoy my little blog :)

sunnuntai 23. toukokuuta 2010

Poe's kitchen getting ready :)

I have the back wall, one light and the ceiling beams ready, now I have to do the kitchen range which isn't going to be that easy, at least for me :)

On the right side wall will come a dry sink and the built in range and maybe a small bench if I can fit one. One the left side wall there's a door to the official enterance hall (which doesn't excist yet).

And here's a pic of this fabulous card that Sonya sent me, it's from Paris :) Thank you a lot, it's on our livingroom mantle so I can see it nicely :)