keskiviikko 4. elokuuta 2010

Flowers from Monika, some mouldy fruit, amazing baby shoes and some strange visitor...

My flowers from Monika arrived, thank you so much :) The waterhose & holder are fab :)
Poe got his moldy fruits from Kiva to his kitchen, tried to take a close-up pic, but with my camera no luck. But I can assure you that they are more than amazingly fabulous!

Then my giveaway prize from Susan arrived, these little shoes are amazing, really can't understand how someone can crochet that small! Thank you so much Susan :)

I just noticed that there's some strange visitor in Poe house...

He seems to be staring buzzled the raven, wondering where in the hell has he moved to :D And in this occassion - Silly Skellingtons :D

Oh, and a big suprise, I was asked to write a article to the Finnish Dollhouse Associations magazine - eek! :D  It's going to be quite hard, maybe doing the little thing on the Poe house, but the writing part is going to take some time, as for me it's for some reason easier to write in English stuff about the minies than in Finnish, so wish me luck :D

14 kommenttia:

  1. Schön, das alles gut angekommen ist.
    Viel Spaß damit und liebe Grüße


  2. How nice to write an article on your passion! You can write in English and then use the automatic translator :-)
    Must be a thrill!
    I am sure you will make good :-)

  3. Wow- congrats on the article!!! I am sure it will be great- you are such a great miniature artist Ira! All your new minis are just fantastic!!

  4. Enhorabuena por tus preciosos regalos!!!!
    Y doble enhorabuena, por el articulo que sin duda sera genial!!!!
    Si eres una gran artesana de las miniaturas, es logico que el articulo sea un exito.
    besitos ascension

  5. Congratulations on to write article! You are very happy! You could write good article with your wonderful miniatures. I wish you luck!

  6. Oh!!!! The next Poppet on Blogland!!!!WOW!!!!!!Welcome Poppet!!! Sorry had to start from this! ;) Beautiful flowers and the little shoes - for me crocheting is a secret too ;) AND congrats on being published soon!!:D I think my country is probably the only one without any magazines about dollshouses:) Of course I wish you luck but I am sure you will do(write) great!!Hope you will take some snaps and show off your article here too :)

  7. Little baby-shoes is so fantastic and sweet.
    flowers and fruits nice.
    I wish you luck with write for magazine!

  8. Congrats Ira.
    I am sure you will find lots to say as you have such a passion and so many fabulous ideas.
    Great items from the postman today!

  9. Welcome to your Finnish poppet from the NZ poppets!!
    What a clever waterhose holder. And here I am drooling on your mouldy fruit!!

    Congratulations :))) on being asked to write an article! As Flora said, you could write in English and put it through the translator, but I know that Finnish to English becomes extremely strange, so who knows what you'd end up with!!
    The Poe house would be a great topic - it's such a strong theme, and you've done it so well!

  10. Congratulations on your magazine article! Glad the shoettes arrived safely.

  11. Congratulations Ira on your article! It will be a great succes, your miniature work is sooooooooooooo good :)

  12. Congratulations for your article!

  13. Merry ¡Que regalos mas bonitos!! Y el articulo muy bueno ¡Felicidades!!!!!!!!
    = ) Un beso

  14. Has unido dos de mis pasiones escribir y las minis,muchas felicidades por tu artículo. me han encantado los patucos
    Un abrazo
    y feliz año