perjantai 6. elokuuta 2010

More stuff for India room

Here's what I've done to the room today
A paravent from Cynthia Howe kit, the hinges were impossible for me to attach as I don't have that small screwdriver, so used leather instead. My daughter chose the picture for the wall and I did the back for the day bed. And here's a wall scone for a candle:

The candle holder is a small metal tray that Glenda sent me :)

We decided that the chair isn't going to go to this room, we'll do the low table and lots of pillows to sit on, now have to decided where to put the chair :)

And made also a open dragon book

The leather and the thread is from Glenda, she also sent me the little dragon bone part which is made by Nikki :)

I also made some more flowers from the kits, red and white poppies, dusty millers and dandelions :)

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  1. WOW Ira,

    It is looking wonderful. The colors are so pretty and I love the screen.

  2. It´s fabulous, Ira, I just love it all. The patternmix and the colors are great!! I am really fascinated by this theme.
    Love, Susanne

  3. The dragon book is absolutely fabulous Ira. Love it!

  4. Ira, that book is awesome! And I love the screen too!

  5. WOW!!! I love that screen! Your roombox is going to be fabulous!!! What great detailed little things you are gathering for it! Love the framed picture!!

  6. Kai tänne saa kirjoittaa suomeks? ;D

    En ole hetkeen käynyt. Voi jessus miten ihana tämä Intia huone ja kaikki! Ehkä pitäis pysyä poissa, kun alkaa niin syyhyttään sormia, kun haluis tehdä niin kaikkea, mutta ei vaan ole aikaa eikä tilaakaan, kun korujutut on vallannu lähes koko kämpän! Onneks jaksat pitää tätä blogia, niin voin käydä ihastelemassa ja huokailemassa.

    btw, sinua kaipailtiin myös tuolla toisaalla ;)

  7. The room is looking amazing and the dragon book is just too cool!!


  8. Beautiful paravent and the scone! I absolutely love the dragon book! It is great great great!You know I love the printies and the dragons.;D

  9. This scene is going to be absolutly fabulous... I love the turquis and gold. Yesterday a bought a neklace just to depart and use for oriental miniature. You might find it perfect for your setting.

    Look at this link:
    Jewelry and acessories, page 3, bottomline, 5th pic. Gold findings med turquise. The biggest bead is 5 cm. Perfect for oriental lamps...

  10. Thanks girls :) Cynthia Howe has so beautiful kits, I love to make them :) And that dragon book turned out quite nice :)

    I just have to be careful with that room that I won't start looking cheap with too much glittery parts :)

    Seepia, siitä vaan siivoamaan koruja pois, kyllähän nyt tollanen pikkunen 30x30cm huone kirjahyllyyn mahtuu ;) Ja juu, käyn välillä siellä lueskelemassa, mutta olen jumittunut tänne minimaailmaan, kuten huomaat :D

    Annie, thanks for the link, it really is pretty, see if I drive by HM some day :)

  11. Super,super.
    Ich liebe diese Farben und die kleinen Details.
    Und der Paravent ist so eindrucksvoll.
    Alles ganz ganz toll.

  12. Es una pasada lo que llevas hecho!!!!
    El cuadro es precioso, me encanta el portavelas y el una verdadera preciosidad!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  13. Oh, I've just had a quick look at the Cynthia Howe site (thanks for the link!)- looks like trouble to me, sooo much lovely stuff :)))

    Really enjoying the Indian theme, it's luscious!! Perfect screen!

    I'm glad my little bits have come in handy. Your books are absolutely superb, Ira!! Love the dragon book :D

  14. Just caught up with your new project. Wonderful stuff! How many hours in your day??...because there must be more than in mine...

  15. Your Indian room is fantastic!

    I love your blog, and this morning I went trough all of your blogs...there is so many to see and so many different miniatures!

    Thank you for the inspirational tour!


  16. Quedara toda una escena de las mil y una noches.
    es todo fabuloso.y sus ideas geniales.
    un abrazo

    The whole scene was staying of thousand and one in the nights.
    It is every fabuloso.y his brilliant ideas.
    An embrace

  17. This screen is fabulous! I saw you used the skin instead of hinges: I do not mind, the result is convincing.
    Very nice also the support for the candle.
    But the glitter of the canopy have attacked one by one?!
    You are a legend!
    The volume of the dragon is fantastic, just perfect :-)

  18. The book is fantastic !!!!! your "Indian room" is becoming more interesting!

    Ira dear I love your flowers! thanks for reporting the site of Bonnie Lavish!
    Come see on my blog where I put your flowers! ha ha!
    kisses and good weekend!

  19. Merry = O ¡Me encanta como trabajas!! O =
    Precioso todo!!!
    Un beso

  20. Love looking at your minis! so wonderful~

  21. Ira, your Indian room is getting fabulous, and I love the screen, congratulations,

  22. SPECTACULAR! SPECTACULAR! Now don't you go and make that room that Satine lives in in Moulin Rouge ! I want to make that room!! But you are so quick I think you could make a 100 before I start on mine :):).

    This is even more fabulous than I thought , Ira . If I can see, I will give you such a hearty pat on that shoulder to congratulate you on a job well done that you may just fly off on a carpet!

    It won't look cheap, dearie. It will look very very expensive!!

  23. You make lovely things! I am now following your blog to see what you make next. The dragon book is incredible.