tiistai 3. elokuuta 2010

Indian palace room

I've been for the last couple of days trying to finish some swaps, I'll take tomorrow to the post the swaps with Monika and Wanda :)

Today wanted to do something totally different, so started to do the Indian room. Here's how it looks like now:

I've been trying to find some printable Indian wall murals, but with no luck so had enough today and covered the walls with fabric. There will be 2 windows on each side of the door, but I'll get them in a couple of weeks so couldn't cut the openings yet. There will be no door, just this opening to a small pation garden. Now I'm searching differnt kinds of copper items for the room as well as ornate filigree pieces in rectangular shapes. It's going to be a long search :D

I've done a couple of new flowers to the Toscana garden as well as a gate door, it's still missing the hardware.

The pic is really bad, the flowers on the ground are actually bright red.

And here's the Tosca-corner in the living room :)

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  1. Forget about the Taj Mahal, here comes Ira's palace... ;O) The variety of your projects is amazing, can't wait to see your newest ideas and work - whatever it is.


  2. I love the Indian room, how cool is that!

  3. What a great shape for your room! It will be gorgeous, I'm sure! Love the copper around the door! Your plants are very nice too. :D

  4. I love that india room, it's great!

  5. Love the Indian room! Great wall..ekh..fabric ;)Love this idea and the fabric is sooo pretty! And the door hole's got a great shape! (I might have something about rectangular shape but will email you either today in the evening or tomorrow afternoon with the photo:))
    Beautiful flowers by the way and the musical corner!:)

  6. Brilliant, Ira. The fabric is perfect for the walls :). I swear I felt better after looking at this room..haha! I didn't send you copper items just 1 silver one. I hope you'll find a place there for it. Ok, gonna go pop a few more pills. Catcha later.

  7. Oh, Ira I love the fabric you used! I think it's better than a wallpaper. It gives you the luxury feeling of a maharaja's palace!

  8. Birgit :D
    Thank you ladies :)
    Sans, good that it made you feel a bit better and don't worry, the silver one will go in there, if it's too silvery, some copper paint solves the probelm :D

  9. beautiful! the "Indian Room" is the right color, brilliant idea to use the fabric for the walls!
    I love your corner of the music ... I see my poster in the picture, and the music of Tosca, which I love dearly ... I'm so excited! thanks have you used them for your Tuscan home!
    kisses, Caterina

  10. Me encanta tu habitacion india, la tela es fantastica, te va a quedar preciosa.
    La habitacion de musica de tu casa Toscana em encanta, que detalles mas bonitos.
    Las flores geniales.
    besitos ascension

  11. Tuosta on hyvä jatkaa, seinät näyttää erittäin hyvältä ja samoin huoneen muoto ja tuo oviaukko! :)

  12. The Indian room is fantastic, did you build it yourself?
    Your flowers are also very nice and look so at home in the garden.

  13. Hi Ira. I would like to give you an award. If you want you can get it in my blog. Hugs

  14. ¡OOOOHHHHH! Esa sala india es ya una preciosidad con esa tela y la puerta muy bien rematada.
    No dejas la Tosca, je, je. Es normal que quieras seguir con ella ya que es una escena tan relajante. Besos Clara.

  15. Thank you all :)

    Caterina, the Tosca-corner is your corner in the Toscana house :)

    Thank you Mari@

  16. Ira the flowers, as always are amazing.

    But that Indian room....wow I just love it.

    I love the shape of the doorway...wish I could replace all the door in my real house with ones like that :-(

    As for the ornate bits and bobs...not sure if this would work but I am looking at life sized embossed wallpaper to cover things in my Indian real size room.

    I wonder if there is any 12 scale embossed paper like that. Once you paint it copper it would look wonderful. Or painted with browns it would have the texture and the color of carved wood.

  17. thanks Ira, I am excited and happy that you have dedicated a corner to me ... I love Tosca!
    this week is starting a package for you ... thanks a lot of flowers, they are beautiful!
    kisses, Caterina