tiistai 3. elokuuta 2010

India room got a daybed canopy

Here's what I've been doing besides some flowers for the Toscana garden
Really don't have slightest idea if they had such canopys in the palaces, but I really wanted one :D This Indian room is going to be more free in style and not so accurate compared to Sans wonderful Rolla house, but I've been given some (lots) advice from her, so trying to do some authentic looking things in there :) Maybe this room could be regarded more like 1000 and one night-room :D

Now have to figure out how to do the daybed and then arrange the curtains better around it. I also need to do a table, a small altar for the gods, find some carpets and do a faux door for which I've orderd some filigree pieces  already, hope that they arrive soon :)

I'll take pics of the Toscana garden when I have some more stuff added there, have ordered some Bonnie Lavish kits - pink roses from which I'll make a climber to the wall, some more carnations, cushion mums, poppies and marigolds.

I'll do another garden to the other end of the house, there will be a covered dining area and a balcony and the flowers in there will be white, different shades of blue and lilac, a calm garden. I might add a water feature there also :)

Now to do some more Indian stuff :)

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  1. You are so buisy, Ira, so much work getting done! The india theme is great too, can´t wait so see part2
    Love, Susanne

  2. Sorry if I can not write decent comments to your good work, I am living on the run, can not do anything to enter!
    Should I learn from you :-)
    A little imagination is important to give breathing to the Indian room: what would we be without our imagination?
    I am sure you will do miracles, as in all other houses!
    Your daughter helps with his work?
    If she looks like you, will surely be very good :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  3. Thanks girls :)

    Flora, it's going to be her room, but I promised that I'll do the construction part and the main features for the room, she then does the smaller items. Or it might go so that I'll do the whole room and she just has it in her room :D

  4. Precioso. Me encanta el damasco que has usado para la pared y el bordado del dosel es impresionate. Te esta quedando muy bonita.
    Besitos, May

  5. Ira, you never cease to come up with new ideas and delightful ways of achieving stunning results!
    I love the fabric on the walls much better than wallpaper.
    I don't know how you manage so many projects and ideas at once.
    Your blog is always worth reading.

  6. Oh Ira...you wowed me on the last post but now I am totally in love with this.

    I am not a big dollhouse person but I think if I were to see this in a store I'd be inclined to spend my last dime on it lol.

    I love the fabric on the walls...so much better than any paper you might have got. And that trim..I adore it...it really is just perfect.

    Where did you get the tiny statues - they are brilliant ?

    And oyu have given me a wonderful idea for my real size beside tables. I could make it from wood the same shape as this and have a cut out in the front just like your door :-)

    Sometimes I wish I didn't have to make plants for a living - I want to play like you do :-(

  7. Ira, that is just the MOST fabulous I've ever seen. You worked so hard on it and it's just perfect. I think they do have canopies in those rooms and well, if they don't they should! And thank you Soooo much for entering my giveaway. Now I have so many I'm scared it won't be good enough!!

  8. The Indian palaces sure love their nooks and corners and you have created a perfect one with the canopy. I completely agree with Flora. Complete realism where a room scene is concerned has never been my cup of tea as well. Imagination is the key :). Great job, Ira :)

  9. So beautiful, I love the colors.

    XXX Victoria

  10. The canopy is absolutely beautiful!
    And that idea of the water feature is so cool!

  11. Smiles!! The Indian room is so exotic and romantic - fab!! Love it to bits!!

  12. Thank you so much :) Janice, that's my problem, too many ideas and I just can't leave them to ideas - I really would love to finish one house at some point :D

    Tallulah - thank you so much :) And happy that you got some ideas for your 1:1 life :) Those little statues are from Etsy, Siamnaste was the seller. And just do a small roombox for yourself and play :D

    Lainie, your giveaway will be wonderful :)

    Sans, thank you, master of Indian miniatures :D Yes, I know, complete realism isn't fun, but I just totally admire your search for historical items and the way you do them in miniature, just FABULOUS!

  13. My God Ira, you are so busy! How can you manage all these projects at the same time!...
    Here in Athens is too hot to make miniatures (the clay is literally melting in your hands)!
    So it's a delight to follow other people's projects...

    Mini hugs from Athens

  14. No dejas de impresionarme, tienes proyectos e imaginacion para varios trabajos a la vez.
    El bordado del dosel es una maravilla, la idea de la fuente me encanta.
    La tela impresionante de bonita.
    Las estatuillas estan genial.
    besitos ascension