lauantai 7. elokuuta 2010

Mr.Indi's 5th birthday and some minies

Our Indi, Mr.Köökkörssön how I call him, had his 5th birthday today and we took him and his mom for an icecream, they both had vanilla - tried to eat the paper cups also :D This is how he looked as a baby, here he is with his big brother Mr. Pampse :) I just love this pic :D

We have again an awful heatwave here and it's just too damn hot to do anything. So basically have been laying around the house and watched Fame with the kids, but managed to do some gifts :)
Here's some paeonies to Sans mom's garden

And some other minies to the person who's name you can see in the pic :)

I'm no book maker, but thought to do an original Oiseau de Nim book - La pâtisserie Francais :)

The recipes are all in French and they are real ones :)
Have a great weekend everyone :)

20 kommenttia:

  1. Such a cute photo of the dogs. My favorite people are dogs. LOL
    I love the cook book. Oiseau makes beautiful things.

  2. Happy birthday Mr Indi!!
    And excuse me, but you are definitely a very good book maker!!
    The peonies are beautiful - Sans' mum will love them for sure :))

  3. Your flowers are beautiful, but I adore your fabulous cook book....(more than fabulous!!!)


  4. I also love your dog photo. What beautiful and intelligent faces these two have.

    Your peonies are to die for! And the cookbook is a wonderful and unique personal gift.

  5. Love the dogs photo, such a cute puppy, great peonies with the earth attached and lovely cookbook!

  6. The book is incredible, what a wonderful idea! The flowers are so pretty too...
    Thanks for sharing the puppy picture. :)

  7. Happy Birthday Mr. Indi. Your puppy picture sure is cute!the flowers are Beautiful and the cook book is awesome.

    Victoria :)

  8. Such precious puppies! Happy Birthday Mr. Indi from Dylan and Nugget!

    Your cookbook is amazing. It's ME who is not the book maker! You have done a wonderful job!

  9. Happy birthday to the "puppy"!
    Here we passed a mistral and the evening is almost cold, brrr ...
    Your peonies are fabulous and the stuff in the gift ... well: you know that I like :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  10. Beautiful little things! The little bird is cute too, and the cookbook is a masterpiece!
    Love, Susanne

  11. Feliz cumpleaños a tu perrito!!!
    El libro es precioso y las peonias me encantan!!
    besitos ascension

  12. Dammmmmm.... it Ira - please please open that Etsy shop 'cause I want to place an order for some books there:D Great book! Beautifull paeonies! Happy birthday Indi! The photo is so cute!:)

  13. Niin upeita kaikki. Keittokirja on aivan mahtava, kuvineen kaikkineen.

  14. I love the things you made, they are gorgeous! But the cutest thing is the miniature dog, although he won't be so miniature now, happy birthday to him!


  15. Catherine, I'm with you :D

    And thank you all, the book is ok, but it's not something I would sell, I have many books from the real minibook makers and my stuff compared to theirs is like first graders :D I need to get a good paper cutter and learn how to use the damn computer programs :D

  16. Happy birthday Indie!!! Fabulous minis again Ira- Love the peonies!

  17. Ira, I really love those peonies :). Made by none others than Lady Peonies herself :). Mum will be thrilled. If I am as quick as you, Mum will have her little garden by now! Sighhhhh....

  18. Happy belated birthday Mr.Köökkörssön

    Love the peonies - Susans mom is very lucky :-)

    The books are great as well.

  19. ((((((((((((((((((((((OMG))))))))))))))))
    I missed this post!!! Ira, I really want to give you a big hug and lots of kisses!!!
    Everything is so wonderful!!!
    I just arrived home and will start my TOP 1 project for you!!!
    Lots of love,

    Oiseau :D

  20. Muy bonitas las flores y el libro pero los perros son los que más me han gustado
    Un abrazo