tiistai 2. maaliskuuta 2010

Flu & SZ Bakkery arrived

I was feeling yesterday really tired and woke up this morning feeling really crappy, I'm having a major flu, hate it. Fortunately my friend called me and told that she can do the stables today and tomorrow, so I get some rest. Unfortunately the dogs have to have their walk in the woods, which really isn't fun with this amount of snow.

But the good news, my Jubilee single terrace aka Sweetzilch Bakkeryv arrived yesterday :) Now I'm waiting to the wallpaper arrive, all I can do is the floors and ceilings right now. I could also start with the exterior, but guess what? Don't know what I want to do with it... It's going to be situated in the kitchen which looks like this:

It's going to the far left corner of the picture where there's in the pic a blender. I originally wanted the Bakkery to be wooden cladded, painted bright red with white windows and door but now I don't know if I can watch bright red house daily in the gray-black kitchen. Black would be the perfect exterior color, but it really doesn't go with the over all idea what I want to the Bakkery. Light gray would go nicely also, but then red and white added to it would look like a Santa Claus house all the year round. I'm really good in creating problems for myself... Now off to pick up kids from the school.

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