maanantai 22. maaliskuuta 2010

It's here and isn't it beautiful!

Josje's wonderful chest arrived today and OMG, it's just perfect :)
A pretty, pretty package

And the chest itself

I really don't know how to thank Josje, this chest is my most beautiful piece of mini I have :) The pics don't do justice to it, you have to see it in person.

This chest is going to cost me a lot of money you know - the room where it's going has to have THE perfect furniture around it, like Besbaq :D

Thank you Josje, you're one really talented person :)

8 kommenttia:

  1. Congratulations, so beautiful gift!

  2. Congratulations Ira! It looks beautiful!

  3. Congratulations. Josje can make beautiful.

  4. It is really a treasure chest!!!! Josje makes art!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, how could I have missed this post, haha! Well, better late than never. I am so pleased that you're happy with it. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the room will look like, although I already know some of what you'll do ;)
    Well, I'm getting ready to go the Arnhem Dolls House Show, bye bye!