maanantai 22. maaliskuuta 2010

Bakkery - some new things and thinking about the layout

I've added some small stuff to the Bakkery

I bought the shelving before having the Bakkery and was initially thinking to put it on the back wall but because of the stairs, it doesn't fit. So, tried it to the sidewall - I kind of like it, what do you think? I'm going to paint it white and either paint the area behind the shelves or wallpaper it. I'm also thinking of doing a small toilet under the stairs as it's the only place it can fit. And I need to have a toilet.

Found my white pen and scribbled something on the blackboard. I also did a small picture and found a nice crown charm - this Bakkery is awarded by the Prince of this Nadalandia :)

There will be a oven on the front, I will glue it on the opening front wall between the windows. I don't know if the cupboard is too much on the right.

I can't find any lights that I like to the bedroom and kitchen, so I have to try to make them myself. To the kitchen I would like to have  a chandelier with red and blue chrystals. It's going to be a nightmare to try to build it...

Now a cup of coffee and some cigs,

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  1. I like how it starts to come together!

  2. I love the colours, looking forward to seeing this progress. Love the 'now off for coffee and cigs' Me too!
    Julia xx

  3. I love the shelving where it is and I think it will be pretty white! so nice to see everyone's projects. I have gotten a little done on the mini front today but have to work tomorrow and Wednesday so will have to get more done Thursday and Friday before work again Saturday! I need to hit the lottery so I can stay home and mini all the time!


  4. Ira, are you familiar with the idiom in English "You crack me up!" - it means you make me laugh - well you "crack me up!" - the "Prince of Nadalandia" ;) That's hilarious.

    And I do understand about the toilet! I'm a bit obsessive about the 'practical' things too and there's not much more 'practical' than a toilet LOL - under the stairs is the perfect place.

    It's a pity that you have to put your shelving on the side wall, it certainly does look good there but it's not as easy to see the things on it as it is when it's at the back and so 'full on' to the viewer. However, if you paint it white that should help because all the little things will be colourful.

    You're off for coffee (and what about those cigs - bad girl!) and I'm off for breakfast...

  5. Yeah, some cigs keeps a girl going :D

    And yes, you don't see the cakes etc. so well if it's situated on the sidewall BUT - if I'm going to do the cakes myself, it's better that they aren't so visible, otherwise people would think that the Prince of Nadaland is blind or just plain stupid :D

    Now some more cigs and the horse poop, what more can a girl ask? Well, I could easily leave the horse poop out...

  6. LOL - even if he was blind but he could still have good TASTE!!

  7. I told my husband about your Bakkery, he says those Nadas in the display case are the most perfect and delicious he's ever (not) seen ;)

  8. LOL - I have the win-win article, as it's always available, never runs out and the best of it - if I fill the shelving with Nadas, it's going to be sooo easy :D No, just kidding, I already have an idea how Nadas look like, now I just have the tiny problem, how in the earth to manage to make them from Fimo... You'll get your Nadas, don't worry :D

  9. Now that's where this 'meeting of the minds' that we have comes to a divergence in the creative process Ira. I'd have made 'something' and said it was a Nada and who could argue since no-one has ever seen one - you've gone the complicated route and 'designed' a Nada first, hence your difficulty :)