lauantai 27. maaliskuuta 2010

Some new stuff

Bakkery's bedroom got an upholstered chair and some bedlinen
The fabrics are from Jody at Beach Blossom Hill :) I did dip them in black tea to tune the brightness bit down.

I also did some small wall signs for the kitchen

Yesterday I did some shopping, scrapbook paper for wallpaper and flooring and some fabrics

The colourfuls in the middle are going to my Russian house, the black beige ones to Dark house or to the French-Savannah-what ever.

I got some chikenwire-tulle, jihaa :) The diamond patterned is going to go to Russian house,  I probably will make a rug out of it. The dark brownish gray and linen are multipurpose ones and the checked ones - I just had to get them although they remind me of the Swedish Gustavian style, which I don't have in any houses... Well, they'll fit somewhere :)

And after doing the Bakkery's interior so long, I got sick and tired of all the color, so I need to do something calm. Another Michael's hut had a change over

Notice the chicken wire ;) I have to be careful not to get carried away with it :D This is going to be a china cabinet for the Beach house, which might have a new style - I had all this pastel colours in mind and have already done some stuff with those colours, but I'm thinking now if I should stick with the white, gray and a hint of egg blue.

Here's another "calm" thing, it's from Eurominies

It doesn't have a home yet, but it fits nicely in all houses :)

I was supposed to sleep today really late, but no, one of the dogs had to go to do the poop at 7 am so here I am. Tired as hell as I went to bed last night at 3 am so I might take a nap during the day.

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  1. Great shopping Ira. And I love the bed linen, my parcel has arrived from Jody too - I was so excited I called her to say 'thanks' and that was exciting and fun too! The hold-up is that I can't use my camera at the moment.

    What did you use to embelish the front of the cabinet? I mean the top as well as the little 'swirls' on the front, I've looked and looked for suitable things but have found nothing, nada, zilch (sound familiar??)...

  2. Good morning Ira! You Bakkery looks great, I love the colours you're using.
    The chicken wire looks very good! I did see the question in a previous post and started to look for a a series of comments on miniature chicken wire I had read about a month ago, but I could not find them anymore. It's a shame we don't have anything like Michaels hutches here in Europe, these make overs look fab. Euro Mini's do very nicely too though.
    Well, now I really have to get ready. Have a great weekend!

  3. It's all looking soooo good!!
    The tulle chickenwire worked really well.

    I read a hint somewhere a while ago about decorating with those lovely 'chalky' shabby pastels. To get this effect in paint, you add the tiniest amount of the colour's complementary colour (for example, if you're using blue, add a tiny spot of orange - or for pink use a spot of green). I haven't tried it yet.


  4. Norma, the embellishment on the front are those gold stickers that you use for card making, they have tons of different shapes available here, I would assume that you have them there also. The swirl on the top is a scrapbooking embellishment, a metal corner piece meant for pictures etc. And nada does sound familiar :D I'm waiting for some pics :D

    Josje, thanks, I like the colors too, but as in real life I'm a quite non-color person, I get overloaded with the colors so need to do some calmer things for awhile :)And yes, Eurominis does have nice stuff, but it's such a fun to get some different things. And as the Michael's hutches aren't that good quality in small detail, they are good practising items before I start to demolish the Eurominies :D

    And you have a fab day, wouldn't I want to be there too :)


  5. Glenda, thanks for the hint, I have to try it. I just think about not using the pastel stuff, as pastels are not my thing in any aspect. I do love to look at all the pastelly shabby chic interiors others have made, I have to give it some thought. Or first do the white shabby chic and then go for the pastels.

  6. Me encanta los colores que está Utilizando, y los muebles son muy bonitos. Felicidades, le está quedando precioso.
    Y si, esta tarde una siesta, Cuando no descansas del todo, te sientes fatal.
    Un abrazo Carmen

  7. Ira you have been so good. I love how your bakery is growing. The hutch is so cute and the bench too. I must go and find my Eurominies catalogue.... thank you for sharing your work Rosanna

  8. I love the fabrics and especially the little chair! Yes, toning them down makes them seem a little more time-worn and less stark! And I can't even believe the magic you performed on the hutches! No, they are not the best quality but you have raised them to fine furniture! So glad you could use everything! Your post and Norma's must be so much faster than our's but I should be getting my packages this week and it was so exciting to get a phone call from Norma! I couldn't believe it! And to hear that beautiful Australian accent! Made my day!


  9. I love it all, it's so beautiful...also nice fabric and scrapbookpaper!!

  10. Thanks you all :) I've been having some fun today :) So fun, that I even didn't take the nap, hopefully I'll stay awake long enouhg. I would like to watch a movie tonight, but I'm enjoying my minis so much, that I don't know if I can stop painting and upholstering :)

    Jody, hope that the package arrives soon. And I know, the Aussie accent is quite nice one, I also love the traditional UK one :)