sunnuntai 21. maaliskuuta 2010

Busy weekend

but I've got something done. Here's pics of the Bakkery's current state:

Painted and upoholstered the chair, did a small table, the blackboard gets some words on it as I find my white pen.

Did a worktop next to the sink, on the corner is coming the fridge. The lovely lavendulas are from Hanne :)

Got the bed done, linen still needs to be found somewhere, did a foot stool, the chair needs a cover. On the corner is going to be a fireplace, needs to be done first. I have to make also a chest of drawers and the bedroom needs a lot of more stuff like books, flowers, pictures, carpet, decorative pillows etc. etc. But at least I've got something done :)

I was today at the dog show and it was a success - my lovely Caja got the CAC and CACIB what she needed, she will be Finnish Champion after we take her to the mental test next summer :) I'm so happy and proud of my beautiful girl :)

Now off to do some dinner, then hopefully I'll stay awake and get some minis done :)

7 kommenttia:

  1. Wow - you have been busy! It all looks great -
    I love the colours, and congratulatins to the
    CAC and CACIB - she is a beautiful girl indeed!

    Eva J

  2. Well dome Caja! :)

    A busy weekend indeed, the Bakkery is looking great, a very cheerful colour scheme.

    By the way, we had more heat than we wanted here over the weekend and I huffed and puffed as much as possible to send you some! It was 31 yesterday - I don't know what happened to the cooler autumn temperatures.

  3. Thanks girls :)

    And Norma, I think your huffing and puffing has helped towards the warming temperature but now it's RAINING - I hate this wheather. Wouldn't I be happy with 31 degrees - I'm always freezing.

  4. The Bakkery is looking so welcoming! With the amount of work you do, you put me to shame - I've been failing continually lately, but I suppose there will always be times like that.
    Well done to Caja!!

  5. The Bakkery is doing so well, but your Caja is beautiful, congratulations to her, I love dogs.

  6. It's looking great, Ira!! I love the colors

  7. congratuations to you and Caja!! She is beautiful.
    I also love the furniture. It all looks so fresh.