keskiviikko 31. maaliskuuta 2010

Some new things

Here's the last Michael's hutch, it went to the Bakkery's kitchen
Now it needs some stuff in it, at least different kinds of teapots are going to the top self - now the "collection" is quite pathetic :D

For the gray house I did a couple of more chairs, found nice coloured roses and painted a ceramic plate

Here's a close up of the brass cup, it and its 7 friends are going to the Russian house. And in the pic there's also a close up of a dog hair, ignore it please :D

I also did an apron for the Bakkery's lady, I don't think it's too much use anymore :( The lady did perfect nadas and even sold some of them, but no - as you can see, it just wasn't enough, nadas won't keep you alive...

Isn't the skeleton fab? :D I saw it in one store and had to get it, I'll find some use for it, so don't worry the Bakkery lady is alive and kicking, somewhere :D

I've decided that I'm going to build the Gray beach house myself, let's see what kind of  catashtrope it's going to be... On the ground floor there's kitchen and livingroom, on first floor bathroom, bedroom and ? room, any ideas? I was thinking of library/workroom for a writer, but I don't even want to think making all of those books...

Now off to do something,

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  1. The skeleton is...hmmm..lovely specially wearing this pretty apron! I like the golden cup! For your Gray beach house the room upstairs - maybe the workroom for a painter? Yes, but all those paintings to make.....;)

  2. Oh, a painter sound good! You know, she can be an abstract painter, just splashes and blobs of colour :D The cup is from Etsy, it's actually a charm, but it's perfect large teacup :)


  3. I love this i think the skeleton is great lol...xx

  4. Your funny, Ira ;-))) I like the skeleton too,
    i think....but no nadas for me....
    everything is beautiful!
    Maybe a hobbyroom...

  5. I see that Michelle is worried about the nadas too! I certainly wouldn't put that skeleton down in the shop - I think it would kill your business ;)

    You've been making some lovely things lately Ira. I really like the grey things, that dark grey paint you are using is very nice I think.

    I like the idea of an artists studio too. It would be easy to make a bunch of unframed canvases by printing images from the internet onto fabric, you could then 'scatter' them around the room. And it's probably more appropriate for a beach house than a library as such but why not combine the two ideas of art and writing, no reason why the studio couldn't be shared by a writer and an artist. In the real world a writer friend of mine rents a 'corner' of a jewellery workshop as her writing space - she says it's much more fun, and inspiring, to work there than alone in her study at home - how wonderful it would be to 'write' in a beach house studio.

    I also like Michelle's idea of a hobby room, you could put anything in there - art, sewing, scrapbooking, the possibilities are endless!

    (I'm presently tossing up between an artists/writers studio and a guest bedroom in a 1:12 I've started working on, the studio looks like much more fun and is probably going to win).

  6. Ira, it's all lovely - the contrast going from the Bakkery to the gray items is intriguing, I like what you said about colour therapy.
    Just love the brass cup! Very elegant. I'd like to try to make a kovsh one day - either the wooden ones or the enamelled ones are beautiful.
    The skeleton looks like he or she died happy!!


  7. The Michael's hutch looks great painted like that.

    Oooh... That skeleton in the bed made me think of Norman Bates mother. What a creepy house that was! If anyone doesn't know... I am talking about the movie Psycho.

  8. I can't get over how you re-made those hutches! wonderful! I have some of the skeletons, too and one is sitting in the witch's cottage holding a sword! I love coming here to see what you are up to!


  9. I love your blog and all you have been busy making.
    Thank you for visiting my blog too.
    Nikki xxx

  10. Michelle, don't worry, you'll (and Norma) get the nadas as soon as I have a Fimo-day - it's sometimes really hard to start something...

    Norma, the paints that I'm using are Plus Color acrylics, they sell them all over Europe so I don't know if they would have them there.

    I'm going for the artist studio, ordered yesterday from TreeFeathers a Gray's Anatomy book :) The only thing what I'm pondering, is how to keep the color palette close to the grays, as I don't want too much color there, maybe the lady is doing only B&W stuff :D

    But maybe it would be good idea to put some other hobby stuff in there, so I don't need to do so many art things.

    Glenda, the day you have managed to make one, I want one too! Oh, an enamelled would be so fab in my Russian house!

    Catherine - gosh, wouldn't a Psycho house be fab - they had all these really faded colors in there, that would be nice :) And I love the shape and look of the house, I've seen the replica in Universal Studios and I loved it :) And to have the mommy sitting in her chair - that would be fun :D

    Jody - they have been so much fun, so thank you very, very much :) And I'm getting worried where your packages are.

    Nikki - thanks, visiting your blog has made me thinking that I probably need also a witches house :)

  11. Cute skeleton :) I can't wait to see your beach house. I like the painter idea too!