tiistai 23. maaliskuuta 2010

Miniature chickenwire? And a samovar?

Does anyone has a clue where you could get some? I know that it exists as in Lea Frisoni's book there's chickenwire. But no luck with google. I want some chickenwire, really want, but all I can find is some mini net with square holes. No, it has to look authentic and no, I won't even try to do it myself, even if someone has some instructions for it :)

Also I'm looking for an authentic looking Russian samovar, but no luck so far. I do have one not-quite-samovar, thanks to Glenda, but still want the real thing. Any ideas? And no, I don't have money to have it custom made, won only 1 euro in the Lottery.

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  1. ..I saw some mini-chickenware made of tulle. I think you can just paint it grey, so it looks like wire, it should be easy!
    Love, Susanne.

  2. Oh thanks, wouldn't never thought of it! Have to give it try :)

  3. I was thinking tulle, too! Good luck!


  4. I once made something that looked like chicken wire in bobbin lace. Know any lacemakers?

  5. Yep, tulle is the way to go. Watch out tho because there are two sizes of tulle. Also it does come in several colours but I've never seen a grey/silver so if you really want a metallic look you'll probably have to paint it as Susanne says.

    I've got Lea's book too - isn't it fabulous! I don't read a word of French but I spend hours looking at the pictures :)

  6. Glenda, no bobbin lace friends, unfortunately.

    Norma, I don't either, but I've "read" it like 50 times already. Suprisingly, I've realized that I actually understand something what the text says :)

  7. Hi Ira,
    I've tried to find a samovar last weekend on our local flea market and souvenirs shops. No luck so far:( All I could find was look-like-samovars wooden toys, that were too big (and too bad quality) and the samovars I've told you about(1/6 scale). Sooo, I bought some brass - and I'll just try to make it myself, never done this before, so we'll see what happens!:) Sorry for writing so late, I have no time to check my subscriptions this week at all:(