perjantai 5. maaliskuuta 2010

I HATE cleaning !!!!!

Just had to rant a bit as I've been cleaning this little h*ll hole the whole day. And boy don't I hate it. I even took part to a radio station's competition where you can win a cleaner for a day. If I would win it, I would feel sorry for the cleaner, as the house is constant mess - all the dogs are shedding like crazy and drooling all over the place and the kids making mess aren't helping a bit.

But now it's all done so I can do some paint work tonight and tomorrow it's just miniature and cooking as my son is having his 12th birthday tomorrow and we'll have the party on Sunday.

Cleaning sucks.


3 kommenttia:

  1. Cleaning is not fun, but it gives you a nice feeling when it's done and you look around and your house is clean and tidy...
    I wish your son a happy birthday!

  2. ..Cleaning sucks, I agree! But sometimes I make things harder for myself, I keep on telling myself that I can´t hire a cleaner, because my home is too dirty ;-0)) I love a clean home. I have to reconsider it...
    Happy bithday to your son!

  3. I share your hate for cleaning! I have two
    dogs of the breed "suomenlapinkoirat" - they
    have a lot of fur - but I love them, even
    if they force me to clean too often!

    Eva J