tiistai 2. maaliskuuta 2010

Tour around the 1:1 house

I thought to take you on a tour around the house for a change.

The enterance

From the door you go to our bedroom

As you can see the dogs enjoy the bed a lot :)
From the enterance you turn right and you're in the kitchen

From the kitchen you have access to a small toilet

And if you go direct from the enterance you come to the living room

Where the dogs enjoy the sofa :D

To the left is the library

And to the right the dining room

Then you take the stairs up and come to the tv-room

The doors behind the sofa go to the bathroom

And to our daughter's, Kara's room

From the tv-room

there's also a door to our son's, Ron's room

That's it. Someday we will get the basement ready and there will be the laundry room, second bathroom and walk-in closet. Hopefully it will be ready soon :)


7 kommenttia:

  1. Thanks, I hope that it would be so clean and organized all the time instead of this constant mess...

  2. A lovely calm and welcoming place to live Ira - and I have made note of that large dining table - you might need it if a team of mini bloggers come to visit ;)

  3. Yes, as you can see the color palette is quite restricted. I do like color, but can't live with it constantly. That's why I want some color in the dollhouses, to enjoy the colorful interiors in minis. Same goes for very dark interior, I would have loved black walls in the bedroom, but hub said no.

    And if you ever come to this part of globe, you can crash at ours, same goes to all mini-bloggers, wouldn't that be fun!

  4. You've got a beautiful house Ira. I was just wondering how on earth you keep it so clean and neat with all of those dogs and two children, but now I read in your comment that it is not always like this ;-)

  5. Nope, the kitchen and library are full of my craft stuff for making minis, it really looks awful as I hate mess. And Kara's room is in a such state that it's a wonder she even finds her way out in the mornings :D

  6. Great house, great taste!!!!