torstai 18. maaliskuuta 2010

Life takes too much time from my minies...

This week is totally crazy, Kara has ringette practice every evening as does Ron have hockey and tomorrow my brother has his 50th birthday party and Sunday I'm going to a dog show, wishing to get a CAC and CACIB to our CAO bitch - no time for minies, mrrr.

Well, I've got something done, but they are going to Jody at Beach Blossom Hill, so can't put picks of them here, otherwise it would ruin the suprise. And saying this, Jody, don't except anything great, as my mini crafting skills are still in their baby shoes :D

But I want (and will) get something done this weekend, just have a slight problem with the Bakkery - can't decide to which era it belongs. Any suggestions ladies? There is electrical lights and running water so it has to be fairly modern, but how modern? Should I have a retro 50's fridge? Then I would need a bathroom. Or could it be in the beginning of 20th century? (did they have running water at that point all over Europe?)

I won't be doing any exact period as my wallpaper isn't for sure suitable for the older times, but I still want the basics to be right. So, what do you suggest, fridge and toilet or running water, outhouse and washstand? Where did the bakers store their cream and milk before fridges? I know, I'm really bad in history... History of interior decoration is much more my thing (I'm also a interior decorator as profession) but at least now I don't want to do any strict replicas of one era, just to have the basics right.

And I want an accent color to the bedroom, which is now red and off white, light turqoisishs light blue or yellow? In real life I would go for the turqoise but should I widen my color world and use yellow, which I don't have in real life anywhere? Isn't this difficult :D My friend Hanne who has also a dollhouse probably thinks that I'm really difficult as I call her (almost daily) and nag about the basic things -" if I have the sink here, the bathroom has to be situated close to it, but if I have the bathroom then the oven is going to be in wrong place as I can't put the chimney above it... nag, nag, nag. As I know how you build houses, do the plumbing, the electricity etc. it's sometimes really difficult for me to "let go" and free my mind with the dollhouses from the real life construction restrictions. Some "mistakes" I can bear, but the still, the nag-nag-me can't yet let it go - tell me about it, how difficult you can do things to yourself :D

Now off to stables,


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  1. Hmmm, I think it should be a happy place, I'm thinking like the chocalaterie in the film 'Chocolat' (hopefully with Johnny Depp calling in). I suppose that's late 50s.

    Soft yellow!


  2. Thanks, fridge and yellow it will be :) I just actually read one dollhouse book and the Bakkery could be on the 1930's as fridges were a new thing and gas cookers were still used.

    A throw is already made, now off to do some upholstering :)


  3. Ira, so exciting to be receiving a package from foreign, 'exotic' lands! I'll be thrilled I know. And my endeavors are still baby steps as well.