torstai 22. heinäkuuta 2010

Kim, close your eyes, swap ready :D

Got Kim's flower swap ready today :)
The red&white sunflowers are for the candy house, some arrangements for the flower shop and daisies where ever Kim wants to put them. And if you couldn't keep your eyes closed, hope you like them Kim :D And there's absolutely no hurries with my stuff, just take your time :)
Now I can start to do my swap things for Wanda and Carol, have tons of ideas already :)

I did some shopping today for the Poe house, ordered a carpet and some pillows from Dale, more food and drinks to the Toscana house and some tea from Asuka, can't wait to see them :) And did some heavy emptying in Nikki's Etsy store, now my sleeping bird will have his own birdstand, but there was tree branches so hmmm, should he have some company? :D And got a 1:24 scale broom for the witch mouse and a 1:12 broom for the witch. And a pumpkin and dragon board, I seem to have more and more dragon stuff, maybe some dragony scenes coming up :) And then 6 pumpkins for the forgotten greenhouse, it's going to look fabulous with them :)

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  1. Wonderful flowers, I'm totally convinced Kim will be delighted... And yes, I agree your sleeping bird needs company of two other fellows, would be a shame to leave the other two branches on their own... ;O)


  2. Ira, they look lovely :-)
    With this swap, you become an expert florist!
    Mini hugs, flora

  3. Ira,

    I am sure Kim will be thrilled with those beautiful flowers! Very nice work! :-)

  4. Another lovely gift on its way.
    You must also be a whizz kid on the computer to have got such a huge Nikki haul. Well done you! They are marvellous and so addictive!

  5. Ira, the flowers look wonderful! :)

    Too funny, I was wondering if you were my customer. lol ;) It will ship tomorrow. :)

  6. Love those beautiful flowers! Kim will be so happy! And you have been a busy little bee ordering up a storm!


  7. I'm loving your pink and white sunflowers! So whimsical! Kim will LOVE your gifts!

  8. Everything is lovely. Kim will love them. Hope your summer cold is better:~)!

  9. ooohh they're soo gorgeous Ira! Kim definitely gonna love them!! :D

  10. Ira the Florist!! I like it!

    Isn't that what happens when you're shopping!? - you buy one little thing and then have to get more to go with it, and then you have an idea which means a new house, and then you have to have even more ...!!!!

    I bought one of Nikki's 1:24 brooms just because it looked so cute!

  11. Beautiful flowers!
    Can't wait to see where you will put the purchases from Nikki!:D A dragon's house? What a great idea!!

  12. Ira, they are so lovely!!! I must congratulate you for your flowers!!! I love them!!
    Warm regards,

  13. Que maravilla de flores.
    Son todas preciosas.
    Seguro que Kim quedara encantada.
    Respecto a las compras a todos nos pasa lo mismo, compramos una cosa y al final necesitamos mil, jaja.
    Besitos, May

    That wonder of flowers.
    They are all precious.
    Sure Kim was delighted.
    Comes to shopping for all of us feel the same, buy something and at the end we need a thousand, jaja.
    Kisses, May

  14. Thank you all :) And yes Dale, it was me, did the monogram pillow letter bring something in your mind ;)

    Glenda, you're so right, these houses and scenes seem to just multiply all the time :D And Ewa, no, no houses anymore, no space for them, maybe a small table or scene :) And May, you're so right :D

  15. Seguro que le van a gustar muchisimo a Kim!!!!
    A mi me pasa igual que a ti con las compras jejejeje
    besitos ascension

  16. Wonderful them all but especially the big pink and white ones at the back.

    Sounds like you had fun shopping too :-)

  17. Ira, did you get my email? I am such a numnuts! ;) I did not get it at all until I was telling my husband you were doing the Edgar Allen Poe house, EAP, it suddenly registered. I'm such a ditz! Forgive me! :)

    All along I was thinking POE. ;)

  18. Todas son preciosas y además ya sabes donde ponerlas, que bien. Besos Clara