tiistai 13. heinäkuuta 2010

More flowers

I got some echinaceas and daisies ready for Caterina, still have to add the soil for the daisies, just have to wait for the clay to dry :)
The black planter is the one I was talking about Norma, there are two of them. If Norma hasn't any use for them, then I'll give them to someone else :)

And did a blue flower arrangement and a small bouquet for Sonya :)
Does anyone want to blue arrangement?
Now off to do something :)

15 kommenttia:

  1. Wow you are really getting into this huh.

    They are all wonderful. I love the ones on the post before as well. You are doing so well.

  2. Oh yes please Ira - I'd love to have the black planters. You mentioned my modern house as a possible place for them, I'm also fairly likely to do a roof garden on the French place and they'd be perfect for that. Thanks for the offer!!

  3. Oh, thank you Tallulah, I really appreciate your words you being a master flower maker :)

    And Norma, good, I'll send them to you, but you'll have to wait so I can get some other stuff ready for the package :D

  4. Ira, you're doing a fabulous job with your flowers!!

  5. Beautiful flowers! I am so far behind checking around with everyone, I feel like a newcomer. It's been a busy summer. The planters and the arrangements are beautiful!


  6. Love them! The arrangements are so lovely!

  7. Ira, the flowers are coming along nicely. Love your daisies! The arrangements are so orginal.

  8. Love all the flowers! But I'm thinking those daisies are my favs!!! :)

  9. Ira, you are a florist!! :). You may not like making flowers but your flower arrangements sure are pretty :). Glad you made good use of the flowers :)

  10. Lovely, lovely flowers arrangements!!! They are all so beautiful!! The daisies are superb!!!
    Congraulations for such great work!

  11. Very beautifull!You are a specialist in arrangement flower!Very country chic!

  12. Unos arreglos florales hechos con mucho gusto, quedan geniales!!
    besitos ascension

  13. Geniales los arreglos florales. Las margaritas me gustan mucho
    besitos, May