perjantai 2. heinäkuuta 2010

My baby Sleepyheads,some shopping, the lettuce and some crafts :)

I received today some packages, first the wonderful baby Sleepyheads from Wendy, aren't they adorable? I love them. I put some moss under them as the ground looked so hard, they need soft little beds to sleep on :D
Then these wonderful little dragon babies arrived also, they are from Feythcrats in Etsy, aren't they fab?

And also some amazing turnings from Mike Rowe

The other cap isn't on its place correctly - yes, the caps come off!

And I also got my Ebay shopping of 60 mini potion bottles, so lots filling to be done :D

And this is THE lettuce, it's app. 2 cm high so irl it would be big lettuce, I'll do some smaller this weekend. But I think it's looking quite good :) It's actually made from an artifical lettuce that I found in the store yesterday, sadly there was only one available, so  the lettuce material isn't easy to find :D

And this is what I've been doing today between doing the stables, having visitors and also the kids came back today from their two week holiday in Crete :) Now the house is a mess again :D So, my friend is going to get married tomorrow and she asked for a wedding gift a wedding album. Her only wishes was some natural material and green. How do you like it? Should I add something more to it?

Now off to do dinner, then I'll try to make some witchy giveaway minies, have only the chrystal ball ready :)

9 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful minies! Love the lettuce! The album is so pure and pretty your friend will love it! Thank you for the link to Feythcrats those dragons are sooo cute! The turnings you've chosen are so elegant! Hope to see these 60 potion bottles filled one day ;)

  2. Ira- your friend is going to love the album- so beautiful! I love the little birds on the twig- and the lettuce is fab!!

  3. Tus compras de minis son una maravilla, los dragones me encantan estan genial!!!
    La lechuga, te ha quedado fantastica.
    Y el album, es un trabajo muy bien hecho y elegante, me encanta!!
    besitos ascension

  4. The wedding album is so beautiful!! Have you trained as an artist, Ira, or does the beauty just pour from your hands? I'd get married again for a gift like that!

    The minis are great - especially the lettuce - and thanks for the link to the baby dragons, they're excellent!

  5. Even today all wonderful! Small pumpkins, sleeping it their beds of moss, are actually great tenderness ...
    And the album is beautiful and poetic ... What a wonderful friend, has your friend :-)
    Kisses, flora

  6. The album is lovely, I think it's just perfect the way it is. :) What a good friend you are.

    Love the baby dragons! Not usually my thing, but they are so cool!

    Mike does some really fine turnings, I love the material of the one on the left. :)

  7. I love your mini sleepy heads, the dragons and the bottles.

    Debie xxxx

  8. A wonderful gift, your friend must surely be delighted :)

  9. Thanks girls :) The bride liked the album, what a relief :) Those mini dragons are way more beautiful (and smaller than I thought) irl, I love them :)