tiistai 6. heinäkuuta 2010

Some shopping and flowers

I've been quite busy with the normal life since Friday so not too much done, mainly did some organizing in the Toscana and Poe house.

But got some shopping done for the witches house:
I couldn't resist this Veronique Cornish plate with small snail on it :)

And did some flowers for the Toscana house's garden, now I just have to figure out how to do the leaves for the daisys. Those 2 white flowers are supposed to be poppies, I don't have any other colour of silk paper right now :D

The fruit stand is a bought one, but it's a bit too empty so I added 2 of Jody's peaches on it, now I need one bunch of grapes on it so it would be perfect.

And tried to do some echinaceas
And some lettuce to the garden

Now I'll have to start some flower kits, as I need tons of flowers to the garden - at least red and pink geraniums, hollyhocks, poppies, gerberas, calendulas, zinnias, delphiums, lavenders and for the vegetable plot zucchinis, aubergines, rucola, tomatoes, peppers, basil, rosemary - really don't know how I'll manage all this as I can't affor to buy everything ready made and really not that confident with the kits :D Now off to cut the base for the garden :)

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  1. That's a lot of flowers to make! But since your flowers here are beautiful I am not worried about you and making all these kits ;D Can't wait to see the garden!:)All minies are great as usual!Of course love the glass bottles;) and the fruit stand and the white poppies!

  2. wow io resto incantata dal tuo buon gusto nel creare queste scene... complimenti sinceri

  3. All looking good - shopping is fun!

    That's a lot of flowers! - perhaps there could be a 'swap-around' to reduce costs - each person buy a different kit and divide it into two or three, and swap for other different ones?

  4. I agree, we all need to shop!! I would love to try flowers too so cant wait to see how yours turn out! Kate xxx

  5. ooohhh- I love Glenda's idea! I have a rooftop patio I need to fill up with flowers too- they do take a little extra time to make too, don't they? The echinacea are beautiful- were they from a kit too? Love them- and really love the little leaf plate with the snail!!

  6. I never bought nor created kit but if you need ... here I am!
    All purchases are wonderful (I really like to buy things already made!) and your witch house and garden will be beautiful :-)
    Busy kisses, flora

  7. Thanks Ewa and Rosa

    Glenda, your idea is wonderful!

    Kim, no, I made the echinacea from stuff I had already - the flowers were precut that had a small bead in the middle of them - I mixed two flocking powders and glued it in the bead and the leaves are from a plastic plant - they are glued with the gluegun which is fab as it glues anything but hate the little glue threads that come from the glue :)

  8. Wunderschöne Minis sind das wieder geworden. Und die Pflanzen... ganz toll!!

    Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

  9. I love the bottles and the leaf dish is great. Your flowers are looking wonderful! I have to say... I don't like making flowers though I love the way they look in a setting.

  10. Todas tus compras son muy lindas Felicidades!!
    Ya quiero ver esas flores que vas a hacer seguro te quedaran hermosas.

  11. Holy cow, your flowers are great! I have no idea how to make such tiny flowers, it amazes me! Think I'd be searching the internet to buy some if I needed them, lol. The lettuce is really good too.

  12. All wonderful items!!

    Greetings, Karin.

  13. Good shopping!! all is beautiful...greetings

  14. You did some serious shopping...I like them...
    Good luck with the flower kits! From what I have seen you'll do great!

  15. Unas compras maravillosas!!!
    Seguro que los kits de flores te quedan genial!!
    besitos ascension