maanantai 12. heinäkuuta 2010

It's too hot! And stuff for Kara's Indian room

We're having a heat wave here, it was today 40°C in the sun - I like it warm but this is a bit too much. For tomorrow they've promised 33°C in the shadow, so it will be way over 40°C - lots of ice coffee to be done :D  Didn't get too much today in the mini area, but washed 3 carpets and did some cleaning at the stables.

While the rest of the family was looking at football, I did some searching and shopping for my daughter Kara's Indian room and here's what I've bought:

Aren't the trims and fabrics great? And I love the fact that they are really coming from India, gives a bit more authentic feel to the room :D The fabrics and trims were bought from Etsy, Fabricana
And some statues, Siam Namaste :

And some beads, Susanclare

The floor is going to be light blue-pale orange-off white mosaic, printed it and Kara has been cutting the pieces, we might be able to do the floor tomorrow :) Then the room will be without progress as she will go for a holiday to London on Wednesday and comes home at Monday - so if there's any good minishops in the London City near Landmark Hotel, give me a hint and I'll make her to there :D

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  1. Las estatuillas son preciosas. Ha sido una compra estupenda.

  2. Great buyings!! I love the fabrics best of all! Rosana

  3. Ooh pretty. I heard you were having a heat wave. Now you know what it feels like in Southeast Texas. lol;~)

  4. Beautiful fabrics and wonderful little statues, you find the greatest things! I never imagined it got that hot in Holland,we are used to it here but it's a bit too hot for me. Hope you find a cool spot to escape to.

  5. Oooh I love all the fabrics and trims! Did you buy those in a shop near you?

  6. its way hotter than here, Ira! you should eat more ice cream :)
    and all of those stuffs are soo Indian. Lovely!
    can't wait to see Kara's indian room..don't forget to share some pics! :)


  7. The fabrics and trims are fabulous!

  8. The trims and fabric are fabulous!

    Love the statues, I saw them in Singapore, but could never decide on which one, so I ended up with none. Oh, well! ;)

    Will enjoy seeing this progress.

  9. Beautiful trims and statues!!

    That's so hot for Finland!! It'll start to interfere with farming - hope it cools down for you soon!

  10. I'd probably wear it all myself instead using in roombox, well except for the statues maybe ;) Beautiful selection! Would you be so kind as to tell us where you bought the fabrics and trims please? Was it an internet shop I hope?;)

  11. Hi girls, put the links for the Etsy shops on my post :) The shipping for the mini statues was crazy, but oh well, should learn to check it before committing to buy...

    And this heat is really a bit too much, everything is so dry here and yes, this will sure affect to the farming. All flower bloom too fast and the berries and fruit are coming ready also really early.

    And I don't know why this heat feels so much worse here than for example in Crete, maybe it''s because the sea is 35 km from us, the air just seems to be still. Well, at least the thick carpets dry really fast :D

  12. Son unas compras perfectas, lo que mas me gustan son las telas.
    Por aquí también tenemos unas temperaturas increíbles, aunque nosotros estamos acostumbrados ,todos los años son mas o menos igual.
    un abrazo

    They are a few perfect buys, what mas they like to me are the fabrics.
    Hereabouts also we have a few incredible temperatures, though we are accustomed, every year they are more or less equal.
    An embrace

  13. Mahtavia kankaita, mutta mulle ne sopisi kyllä ihan 1:1 kotiinkin. 8) (ei vaan ole mitään käsitystä miten tuolta etsystä tilataan)

  14. Les tissus sont très beaux ! Ha la chaleur !

  15. Love those fabrics:) They're beautiful! And those little statues are perfect!!

    ...I wanna go to London!!! Haven't been in 23? years!! Does Hamley's still exist? I'd go there again in a heartbeat:)


  16. Que preciosas compras, seguro que quedaran genial en tu nuevo proyecto.
    Las estatuillas y las telas son geniales.
    Uffffffffffff que calor!!!!!!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  17. I love the colors of your choice: are already perfect, even if the Indian room is a project :-)
    Mini namaste, flora

  18. O Ira, you know I will love everything, right? :). The statues are from Thailand . I have a dozens of them as well and know exactly where I will be placing them. I can't wait to see your Indian room :).I am positive I will love it!

    40 deg? I don't think we get that hot here. That's like the weather of Dubai and I couldn't walk outside for more than 5 minutes without feeling like I was going to be fried and break out in boils! By the way, that's the temperature when you are in a car with the air-conditioner on. Weather is getting crazy!

  19. Kankaissa on todella upeat värit! Mielenkiinnolla seuraan jatkoa.

  20. Yikes, that is expensive shipping to ship the statues! :(