lauantai 10. heinäkuuta 2010

Hats and parfume for Witch E.T. Grubb's Emporium :)

Thought to start with one flower swap and as you can see, I'm not doing flowers for Janice :)

In the middle there's a sneak peak for witches winter fashion :D

And as this was supposed to be a flower swap, did one flower hat :D

Hope you like them Janice :D

15 kommenttia:

  1. I had no idea witches had become so fashionable! lol It is really nice work Ira. The bottles are very wonderful too. :-)

  2. Your hats are great! Especially the black flowered one. Your with is styling now! Teresa

  3. Oooh cute! I'll take the red furry goes with my Santa outfit!

  4. The hats are great! The white with lots of flowers and the furry red are my fav! The bottles are pretty too.:)

  5. These are so cool! ive just ordered a load of perfume bottles from the Us, for my alice dressing table, yours are fab! Kate xxx

  6. Love the perfume bottles!! You will have a very fashionable witch!!

  7. Los perfumes te han quedado maravillosos!!!
    Y los sombreros son tan fashion!!!!
    Me encantan, son geniales
    besitos ascension

  8. Fabulous Ira, my emporium is going to be full of all the top hat designers now. It will be lovely to be able to display such a choice.

    You put me to shame, I have only entered the thinking stage of my swap! I do have an excuse though with the builder gone and all my men out of the house for the day I have been cleaning like a mad woman.....which means I can return to my minis with a clear conscience feeling very righteous!

    Thank you so much for giving the swap so much thought.

  9. As usual, Ira, you have made the perfect items for the recipient!! They are very Janice-y!!

  10. Thank you all, I really enjoyed making these hats, I just wish I would have more choice of fabric :)

    Ewa - do you think Snapes would like to have a flowery one :D Maybe pink flowers are his dark side :D

    Janice - I'm really happy that you like them :) And there's absolutely no hurry, I just felt like doing hats and withcy stuff today, so I thought to start the swap :)

  11. You plucked a bird of paradise for the pink hat?!
    Janice will be happy with these exclusive models :-)
    And then, you gotta tell me where you get your pearls to the bottles of perfumes: are wonderful!
    Mini hugs

  12. Flora :D The beads are from a local shop, if you want some I can send them to you, there were app. 10 different colours :)

  13. ¡Que maravillosa colección de perfumes te has hecho!
    Y por los sombreros me descubro ante ti. No se cual de todos es más chic.
    Besitos, May

  14. I think those hats are fabulous, positively, absolutely, totally, fabulous, Ira! You are too good to be true! :)

  15. oh- it's all so fabulous!!!! I love the last hat that looks kind of feathery- it's so beautiful!