perjantai 9. heinäkuuta 2010

Mr. Poe got some chairs and clothes and the English greenhouse and a VOODUCOOKOO

I received today the chairs from Kris, they are absolutely fabulous!

Kris had added some books also, thank you so much :) And these pictures really don't do justice for the chairs, they are so beautifully and skilfully made, amazing work!

And a suprise package arrived today from Nina :)

Thank you so much Nina,  I love them and the walking stick is fab :) And had to try them on right away, I really think Mr. Poe looks quite better with clothes on :D The tophat is made by Ewa.

And then the greenhouse, we had yesterday a internet connection break down so actually got some building done :D

Took the wood pieces away from the ends of the greenhouse and made some divisions for the side windows, now it looks a bit more on scale :)

And did some tiles from air drying terracotta coloured clay, dried them in the oven, sanded each of them and did some painting. Sprayed some varnish on them, did the grouting and added some Nikki's moss :)  Did also a brick wall to the back with stencil and painted (and did some hammering also) on a resin fireplace.

I was first thinking of doing a greenhouse, but now I'm more and more thinking of doing a conservatory, foliage plants, orchids and primroses and to have a long table in the middle with a late dinner. And I would love to add a chrystal chandelier with lights :) I'm also thinking that I could link the conservatory somehow to my vampire room which now might become a house :D

We also cut the base for my daughters Indian room, it's going to be octagonal room with a balcony. This room is supposed to be my daughters project, but I'm getting the feeling that it's me who's going to do all the building work :D But got some great ideas for furniture already, see if I get them done.

And then last but not least - tadaa - A VOODUCOOKOO!

Isn't he fabulous??? This little cutie is Kristy's wonderful work and he'll be soon (hurry up postman!) be sleeping in the greenhouse :)

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  1. The chairs and vooducookoo are absolutely FAB!!! Boy,a loong name for a tiny bird ;D And you dressed up mr Poe! NO broken bones I hope?;) Beautiful clothing by the way :)The greenhouse looks great great great I love your ideas of adding the wall, the floor and dividing it:) Orchids you say? Hmmm seems to me we have similar plans ;D Can't wait to see the vampire's and India rooms!

  2. Your chairs are lovely and the greenhouse is coming along wonderfully. I love your ideas for it and orchids and a chandleir will be fab. Your little vooducookoo is great, I want one too! :0)
    Julia xxx

  3. You are a volcano of energy and ideas! The conservatory will be wonderful, a place where I spend my day. If there's room for a chaise longue, would be perfect. Somewhere I have photos, if I find them, I send you. The little bird is tender, half asleep as it is ..
    A masterpiece :-)
    And the chairs of Poe, with those wonderful books, and clothes and hat ... Everything is fantastic!
    As a usual, I'm excited!

  4. Ewa - well, he has a broken arm now :D And orchids there also? :D

    Julia - thanks :) And guess who's drooling after Gertie, she would look fab sleeping in the house :D

  5. Flora, thank you :) And unfortunataly there's no room for a chaise longue inside, but I'm planning to build a small terrace outside and I can put one there, you can lay in the sun at daytime and the vampire can take some moontan in the night :D

  6. Ira,

    The Poe house looks so great.

    What wonderful gifts from your friends! I love the suit! The chairs are gorgeous!

    Congraulations on the green house too, it is really coming along.

    You always amaze me with how fast you are! I spent all day yesterday and into the night sculpting a lamb for a pull toy. He hasn't even got his wool on yet! Come over and crack the whip and teach me how to go faster. LOL

  7. Catherine - thanks :) And about being fast - there might be the small difference in our work - I work fast, you slow, my work is ok, your fabulous :D So better not get to the fast mode :D

  8. I get more work done when I lose my internet as wel :-)

    It is looking great. The chairs are a work of art...wonderful.

    He does look fab in his suit :-)

    And I love the Vooducookoo...I saw him this morning.

    It is all going to look amazing when pulled together.

    Can't wait to see the Indian room as well.

  9. Que maravillosas minis, enhorabuena!!!!
    EL sillon con los libros genial.
    Me encanta la ropa y el sombrero.
    El pajaro de Kristy es una maravilla.
    El suelo te ha quedado perfecto.
    Me gustan todas las ideas que tienes para tu proyecto, espero ver todos los pasos.
    besitos ascension

  10. Everything - fantastic!!!! Chair, clothes (wow!), bird - there's serious envy happening here, and some uncontrolled drooling!!! ;)

    If the conservatory is linked to a vampire house there would have to be night-flowering plants - the vampires don't do daylight very well . . . or is it a vampire hunter, who can be in the sun?

    And you may be fast at minis, Ira, but the ones you make are infused with your lovely energy and are precious to those who have them!! Everyone has a style of their own, which makes the mini world so fascinating!

  11. Thank you all :)

    Glenda - I'm having a huge smile here after reading your wonderful words, thank you so much :)

    And you're right, some night flowers needed but I'm thinking of going with my vampire to a bit Twilight direction - a bit more modern and not so mean :D And wouldn't mind to have a mini Edward in the greenhouse :D

  12. Wow love your floor tile. Excellent job. I haven't had a chance to get my flower swap offering posted to my blog yet. We finally have summer here, and with 28 degree temps (which is high for Newfoundland) I am enjoying every moment I can. I am even reading the blogs from my deck chair!!! My workshop hasn't been visited since this weather started. It may only last a week for I've gotten your email, and as soon as I get a chance I'll get back to you.

  13. The room looks fantastic with your new chairs and Poe in his new outfit. I am reeeeeally envious of your VOODOCOOKOO though, he is so cute!

  14. The chair is so fab. All you need are some crocheted doiles on the arms;~)
    I can't believe you got that bird! I saw it and was instantly smitten. It's just gorgeous! Kristy is a true artist!

  15. What an amusing fellow that voodoocukoo is!

    I'm sure Poe will be pleased as can be with that armchair - it does indeed look splendid.

    Surely handy for a skeleton to have a set of clothes, much less draughty and I'm sure not as noisy as it must cut down on bone rattle ;)

  16. Poe's house is looking so good and never mind, the broken bones, at least , Poe look like a distinguished drunk now , no a naked, skinny one:) LOL

    And did you say Indian Room?? All my senses are pricked now, hahaha. I wanna seeeee! :):)

  17. re 'Indian' - there are some lovely Indian inspired embroideries at Stef Francis's website, great for colour and shape ideas -

    Nonono, don't tempt me to think about yet another gorgeous setting!!!? . . . oh no, too late!!! ;)


  18. Ira, everything is so fabulous! I love that chair, and the skeleton's clothes and top hat! Ok, so you have a conservatory, witch house, Poe's house, a vampire room and an Indian room??????? And they will all be connected - one big house? (or neighborhood??) This is going to be EXTRAORDINARY! I'm worried the mouse and bird won't be worthy of being in the same mini scenes as all this other cool stuff!!!

  19. Absolutely fabulous indeed ! the chairs are perfect arent they ? !
    The greenhouse is looking great too but my favourite thing here has to be voodoocuckoo, he is brilliant :0)
    julie xxx

  20. My lord woman, you are going at full steam! Love the conservatory and the little voodoocuckoo, he is so fab!

  21. Por donde empezar, todo me parece tan fabuloso.
    Muy buena idea el haber vestido al esqueleto.
    Las baldosas te han quepado perfectas.
    El sillón con los libros, me encanta y el pajarillo, me tiene loquita, es tan tierno.
    Enhorabuena por tan maravillosas minis.
    Besitos, May

    Where to start, everything seems so great.
    Very good idea to have worn the skeleton.
    The tiles you have fit perfectly.
    The chair with books, and I love the bird, got me crazy, it's so cute.
    Congratulations on such wonderful minis.
    Kisses, May

  22. Mr.Poe is very chic with new clothes.
    You have made a great job with the greenhouse.
    You have given me an ispiration for a future mini job!
    Thanks Ira!

  23. they are so fabulous!! and you are sooo creative Ira!! everything looks so perfect, and i love your idea about the a conservatory with foliage plants, orchids and primroses.
    i'm sure they're gonna be so perfect!
    i'm officially a big fan of your minis now! :)

    have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Hey Ira,
    T h i s is Mr. Poe ????
    I didn`t check this.
    But it is crazy, a skeleton wears a smoking.
    All the other things, the chairs and your greenhouse and voodoocookoo are so super.
    Love them

  25. You made everything so perfect!!

    Greetings, Karin.

  26. Voispas kutistua tarpeeksi pieneksi että pääsisi lueskelemaan kirjaa tuonne takan äärelle. :)

  27. ¡Hola Merry!!
    El invernadero esta preciosooooooooo!!! Ya me imagino lo hermoso que te quedara ( =
    Y todo lo demás me encanta!!
    Un beso

  28. Thank you all so much for your wonderful words :)