tiistai 20. heinäkuuta 2010

Gifts and some shopping :)

First of all my little critters arrived from Kris, they are just FABULOUS! Thank you so much for doing them, they are my little treasures :) The pics aren't the best as I had to take them through glass.
The mouse has moved to the greenhouse to wait for the witches house to be built :)
Then my lovely witchy stuff from Sonya arrived, thank you so much, they are wonderful :) Mr. Poe was a bit jelous about them so he went and stole the bookstand to his house :D I'll post a pic of it later on :)
Then my shopping from Nicky arrived, aren't they fab?

Don't know yet where the dragon is going, but had to have it :D

And last but not least my suprise package from Terry arrived - I'm just speechless Terry! These minies are fabulous and there are so many of them!

Aren't they fab??? Terry had translated the descriptions of all these traditional Tuscan food in Finnish :) I'm getting so hungry just looking at them as I LOVE Italian salami, ham and cheeses :) And those pelargoniums are wonderful :) Thank you SO, SO MUCH Terry, I'm really happy and touched by all these wonderful minies :)

And of course I had to put them to my Toscana kitchen right away, it's looking quite wonderful with all this food in there :)

The garlic is from London, my daughter brought it to as I've been wanting some to my kitchen :) She brought some other minies also, I'll post pics of them later on.

And as you can see, I'm alive after the party, didn't throw up, but had an awful headache for a couple of days but now it seems it's not from the booze but I'm having a summer flu, feeling quite tired all the time. But I've been building Poe house today, got some lights in there and other stuff, I'll take some pics tomorrow :) And I hope that my flower swap friends are patient, I'm doing the swaps, but slowly, sorry for that :)

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  1. They both are adorable! I love Kristy's mice but the bird is sooooo sweet! Lucky you to own them Ira!:)

  2. The minies you got are fab!Love this kitchen!

  3. Que maravillosos tesoros has recibido!!!
    Enhorabuena, me gustan todos.
    Seguro que les sacas mucho partido.
    besitos ascension

  4. Ich mag deine Küche, sie ist so niedlich.

  5. I'm so glad they made it to their new home Ira!
    You totally scored with the mail! Wow, look at all the amazing things!
    I was so tempted to buy one of Nicky's dragons as well, sigh....some day.
    I love Sonya's witchy things, especially the owl and ceramic jars!
    And OMG, Terry's food is just amazing! Your kitchen looks so awesome Ira!!!
    Sorry to feel you're not feeling good. All that alcohol should have killed any flu virus but I guess you got a survivor bug.

  6. Wow... great gifts!! Your tuscany home is amazing

  7. What a feast of minis, Ira!!
    I've spent a happy time drooling over them all, and imagining being in your Toscana kitchen - BTW the lighting in the pic is lovely!!

  8. Ira,

    What a wonderful miniature scene all theose new pieces make in your Tuscany kitchen. It is just great! I really like cheeses and other foods with beautiful old labels on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lucky you to have some of Kristy's work. I love that tiny mouse.
    I can't wait to see how you use the dragon head. It is really so well sculpted.

  9. How many wonderful things you showed today! The Tuscan home is a riot of food now, and small animals, so tender ...
    I'm sorry for your headache but I am not surprised: the important thing is that it is worth it ;-)
    Mini Good Night, flora

  10. Wonderful job on the Toscan kitchen. All your new items just give it the extra realistic touch.

  11. Wow Ira, it's Christmas in July at your house! Everything is absolutely fantastic.

    I love your Toscana kitchen, so full of wonderful detail and your new food is amazing.

    Hope you are feeling better soon :)

  12. Merry ¡Que cocina más hermosa!!!!¡Me encanta toda!

  13. Love all your minis Ira, they're fabulous, esp. Vooducookoo and the mouse. Also like the crows and your kitchen is so amazing now, full of food and all sorts of bits and pieces, it's great!

  14. I love that little mouse and your kitchen is gorgeous!

  15. I think I want some mini pets too :).I am envious of yours from Kristy.

    This Tuscan kitchen is a dream! It is just like those I see in ID books of Southern Italy :). Terry's work is incredible! Who is she?

  16. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well, Ira -- I hope you get better soon. Gorgeous minis, my dear, and so many of them! Love the ravens :) I'm still working on things for you -- I'm sorry but it's going to take a bit of time :( But I have some surprises planned, heh heh heh ...

  17. everything looks wonderful! you had a mini-filled day!

  18. Hi Ira !!!!
    how nice! Tuscan products you I have already found a place in your beautiful kitchen! I'm really happy pride of place that you spent!
    Fine qanche other refreshments you have come .. sure that Poe is really spoiled by everyone! finally, at his home, will not fail anything!
    mini hugs ♥
    P.S. Thank you for your gift! most welcome ... find that place in my greenhouse for the moment I have a little neglect.

  19. Oh, what a lot of beautiful, detailed goodies you showed us. I had seen Kristy's work before, don't know where, but didn't know she is in blogland. Her work amazes me, you're so lucky to have two of her treasures!


  20. me gusta todo no se donde mirar y seguramente estaré otro rato aquí. que lo disfrute y sea feliz
    un abrazo

    Me everything likes not where to look and surely I will be another while here. That it it enjoys and am happy
    An embrace

  21. wow- great items in the mail!!! I love Kristy's bird so much- he's just so perfect! The food is really amazing also- it's all fab!! I hope you put me on the bottom of your swap list because I am hopelessly slow- just barely finished up your lillies, but I have something extra I'm trying to make for you to go with it. Hope you feel better soon!

  22. I absolutely adore the Tuscany food. I would like to buy some, does Terry sell it?
    Love, Susanne

  23. The critters are so wonderful! And your gifts as well. I love your kitchen, it has such a warm feel to it and it actually made me hungry. :)

  24. Thanks girls, I'm really happy with all the mail that came in, it's really a small Christmas here :)

  25. Very nice gift's you get,I like the mouse and the food ect...
    The toscane kitchen it's just wonderful and look nice and old and the floor it's also very good.

  26. Terry's miniatures are just great. they are perfect in your kitchen.

  27. Your Tuscan kitchen is such wonderful. I love all the details in it! The food is absolut fantastic.