torstai 22. heinäkuuta 2010

Building Poe

Finally got some building work done -sorry swap partners, but these unfinished houses have been bugging me a lot, so had to do some work with one of them :) I'll do tomorrow the swap thing, I promise :)
But here's how Mr. Poe's humble home looks like now

Finally got the lights installed - I truly hate to put them to the house as I loose all the time the pins from the sockets and the lights work on and off...  The picture in the last pic is from Norma, perfect fit to the living room :)

And look, there's grandma :D And some wine - bad Poe!
Granny Poe is a gift from Ewa :)

The bedroom has gotten new things
The bookstand is from Sonya, the book on it is from Norma as are the potraits of Mr. Poe and his wife who gets to play Eleonora's part in this house :) I did the table today, it's going to be Eleonora's altar table, Kat is making a hat and a parasol for it. I have to find somewhere some black silk gloves and other girl stuff in black for that table. The statue over the pictures is from Jody and the little raven on top of it is from Sans :)
Still lots to do, have to fill the Eleonora altar table, make a bench for the bedroom, make mattress and bedding for the alcove, find a carpet for the bedroom, do some curtains and of course do the exterior etc. etc. The kitchen is getting some mouldy fruits and veggies form Kiva :)

Now off to bed, good night/morning to everyone :)

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  1. Wow Ira, this is fabulous. Love the mood set by the lighting.

  2. I agree WOW!!! It is just wonderful Ira!!!

    The lights are a bit bright in the photos so it was a bit hard to see the fine details.

    I read and have been told several times that adding a dimmer switch to your doll house lighting system will make the bulbs last a lot longer. It sounded like a good idea to me. I hate replacing bulbs in my own house but those itsy bisty ones are a pain!
    Catherine XXX

  3. Well done for tackling the lighting. I always leave it til last as it drives me mad! Worse even than bannisters!
    The whole atmosphere you have created is superb! So many details and it all works together wonderfully.
    Really special Ira.

  4. Thanks :) Catherine, I would love to have a dimmer as I find the lights usually too bright, I've actually painted all the bulbs with golden glass paint to make them a bit more subtle. And I really need to read the camera manual to see how to take pics with the lights on :D

  5. Just fabulous Ira, awesome ambience. Sooo many fascinating details.

  6. Your Poe house definitely has a dark and mysterious atmosphere, and beautiful - well done!

  7. Ira your house has so much character and it all goes together in perfect harmony. You have chosen wonderful wallpaper and all the dark colours give it a great atmosphere, as Cynthia said. I haven't posted your garden swap gifts yet I might add something for the alter table, use it if you want!

  8. Ooooh, magic!! There's a dark, mysterious, beautiful alchemy here in Poe's house - it's superb!!!

  9. I love the house with the lights on!! You've made a great great work girl!So cool! Can't wait to see the altar ready!:)

  10. This Poe house is so fabulous and in a weird way, despite the skellies and mouldy food and black ravens with menacing faces , it looks mighty elegant and classy.

    I hate it when pictures don't come out right as well especially as I like huge ones thanks to my terrible eyesight. I think yours do manage to convey the mood of your creation if not the finer details. Will you throw another party for us to see them in person? :)

  11. This looks so fabulous Ira,
    Isnt it funny how hard it is to concentrate when you have unfinished dolls houses LOL
    This has all come together so well,I would love to see it for real, I would spend hours just looking at all the tiny details !
    julie xxx

  12. Well for lack of a better word, I too say...WOW!!! Poe's house is absolutely incredible Ira.

  13. Just fabulous Ira,dark, mysterious and beautiful.
    You have made a great work :-))
    groetjes Ingrid

  14. Hi Ira,

    thank you for these wonderful and amazing pictures of Poe's house. You did an amazing job on this so far, so much detail, very impressive. I'm a regular follower of your blog from now on so I'm happy not to miss your newest posts and of course the further progress at Poe's.

    Greetings from Germany

  15. Ira, me encantaria poder covertirme en muñequita 1/12 y pasear por esa magnifica casita.
    Te esta quedando absolutamente genial!!!
    Has encontrado la mejor posicion para las luces y todos los detalles son maravillosos.
    besitos ascension

  16. I love it very atmospheric Ira, and all the lights make it so real and spooky! I am making your hats this weekend these photo's will help to inspire me on their look :-)

  17. Incredible Ira! I think it is perfect- the lighting adds so much- I did wonder how your camera gave such a golden glow to the lighting, but now I know your secret-golden bulbs :) I love the fireplace so much- beautiful- and there is a definite moodiness to the house that reflects that it is Poe's house so perfectly.

  18. Leave me without words is not easy but you always succeed!
    Entering this home, leaving his size for his empathy with that of E. A. P.
    Everything is perfect, the atmosphere is noir, puts chills, even if there is nothing strange or scary ...
    You're a genius!

  19. Thank you so much :) I'm really pleased how the house has turned out, now just need to add tons of small details into it and do the bedding :)

  20. Francamente preciosa.
    Me encanta. Una iluminación perfecta.
    Enhorabuena Merry