maanantai 26. heinäkuuta 2010

Have a relaxing week :D And welcome new followers :)

I had to post a pic of our dog Indi who really knows how to relax :D

And welcome to KJ, Minna, Shelley, Lataina, Alemikimikri, Eva, Youclan, Victoria, Deni, Birgit, Janny and Clara, really nice to have you all here, hope you enjoy my minies :)
So, have a relaxing week :D

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  1. ROFL!!!!!!! I love how "modesty" doesn't exist in the animal world.
    Indi looks like a beautiful dog, but I'd like to see a picture focusing on perhaps the face instead. :D

  2. Jajajaja, Hay que ver como sufre Indi, jaja
    Es broma.
    Da gusto verlos así.
    Besitos, May

  3. This photo is so familiar to me!!! The same as my dog when he is relaxing!!!!

  4. I think that is a dog's favourite position, as Kristy said, they have no inhibitions and it does give us a bit of a laugh! Great shot!

  5. Kristy :D I've noticed that only the really confident dogs sleep on their backs, two of ours do it and the have the greatest belief in themselves, the 3 other never sleep on their backs :)

  6. This is really a great snapshot. I'm absolutely convinced that he has wonderful dreams... ;O)


  7. ha..ha.. who knows what is dreaming? certainly is a dog calm and secure environment that surrounds it!
    mini hugs ♥

  8. We have a saying in Greece, when one has a tough life we say he has "a dog's life", but seeing Indi, I wish I could have his life... ;))

  9. Jejeje ¡Eso si es relax!!! ( =

  10. No podria estar mas feliz y relajado....eso es ser feliz!!!!
    Ira, no se si admites premios.
    En mi blog hay uno para ti.
    besitos ascension

  11. You are just full of humor. I like that!!
    thank you for your welcome and thank you for following my blog also. I really like what you make and hope you like my miniatures too.

  12. He really is one sweetheart, always happy :) I've been doing the swaps today and now off to watch Alice in Wonderland, which I think isn't a good idea as it might trigger some needs for new mini scenes :D

  13. Parece que no tiene problemas con ningun recibo pendiente. ¡Que gusto da verlo tan relajado! Besos. Clara.