tiistai 13. heinäkuuta 2010

Norma's fab gifts, roses from Sans and some wands :)

First of all my holiday swap package from Gonda arrived today, now I just have to wait for 2 days so I can open it :)

Then Norma's package arrived and see what fab things were in it:
Notes, books, maps, pictures, note the potraits of Mr. Poe and her wife :)
A fabulous carpet to Poe's living room, this carpet is a print of an old book cover, Norma has the most great ideas!

And a bookcase so Mr. Poe and his skinny friends can do something more than just drink and play cards :D

Thank you so much Norma :)

Also a package full of roses and other flowers arrived  from Sans - I didn't have any time to take any pics of them as I immediately started to make some bouquets :D I'll post pics of them later on :) Thank you Sans, now I have wonderful selection of flowers :)

And then did some wands, some old rustic ones that Janice asked for, there's even a broken one, a budget wand for butt broke witches :D And then couldn't resist to make some glittery ones, you can stick to the darkets corner of Olivanders :D

I was supposed to start with the Toscana houses garden, but no, didn't get anywhere near it, a new try tomorrow :)

10 kommenttia:

  1. Wow! Your mail man must love you! lol ;)

    Love all of the ephemera. :)
    Cool idea about the rug, too.

  2. How clever, Norma! I love the idea of a book cover for the rug and that bookcase matches the house perfectly. She has been really thoughtful.

    I look forward to seeing what you make with the flowers :)

  3. Great gifts Ira you must have had a wonderful day unwrapping it all!

  4. Lovely gifts from Norma!! She is a thoughtful person who knows exactly what to send!

    Lucky Janice! - Ira's wands are the best!

  5. Great minies as usual:D Love the carpet and the bookcase!

  6. Ira, wonderful minis form Norma. The carpet is outstanding!!!

  7. Que hermosos regalos, la casa de Poe va a estar llena de grandes detalles.
    Las varitas estan genial!!
    besitos ascension

  8. you're so lucky, wonderful gifts, congratulations!

  9. You get the swap package, okay.
    I like the indian fabric ect...
    And the pooh room, very good, gr Gonda.