torstai 8. heinäkuuta 2010

Update on the gardening swap

Nice that there's so many interested in this swap :) This is how I thought we should do this:

- everyone makes a list what they need in their garden
- everyone makes a list what they have to offer and post pics of them in their blog
- the swapping between bloggers can be then done by emails

This way everyone doesn't need to swap with all the participants but can do so many swaps that they feel they can do. There's no time limit when the swap should be done, the participants can discuss this by email. And if you want some flowers in your house/garden but can't offer any gardening stuff to make back, you can always discuss with the swap partner if there would be something else that she needs.

I really want this swap to be a really relaxed one, no hurries, no time limits, no pressure but have fun and do some minies :)

And here's a fast pic what I made today, two echinaceas and a couple of rose bundles, which I think would go well to Margaret's Petit Parterre?
Anyone interested on the echinaceas?

11 kommenttia:

  1. echinaceas? seem wild daisies ..... I might be interested, what you want in return?
    I can do for you a basket of string, or packets of seeds ... or, you ask!
    I wrote a comment in the previous post inherent swap flowers ...!!
    kisses, Caterina

  2. Ira, I think they are gorgeous! I would love them, what can I offer in return?

  3. I was thinking of a topiary tree with a hint of a sleeping face on one side, a bit creepy looking for your conservatory?

  4. oh my God they're sooo gorgeous!!
    hmm..i think you should do some browsing on google about inspiring garden.. i ever done that once when i was helping my mom designing her new garden..i'm sure you will find new idea :)
    anyway i think hydrangea would be nice! they're lovely :)


  5. Great flowers! And great idea of course!Pity I don't have any plants and flowers to give away but I will be watching closely the beautiful minies you all will make and swap :D

  6. Thery are so lovely!!!
    I'm not good making flowers and plants, I wish I could.

  7. Son unas plantas magnificas, lastimas que soy un poco torpe haciendo flores!!!
    Espero seguir viendo las maravillosas flores y plantas que intercambiais
    besitos ascension

  8. I will post some of what I have this evening :). I love your echinaceas. Very realistic :)

  9. excellent idea! Planting can I do?
    mini hugs ♥

  10. Your flowers are so lovely.

    I don't have time to participate in any swaps at all right now but I'll look through my boxes and see if I have any bits that you might be able to use.