lauantai 3. heinäkuuta 2010

Giveaway - the witchy part :)

Here's the beginning of the withcy part

I think that the little pot turned out really nicely with it's suspicious looking contents :D The pot part is a plumbing part, the bottom a penny and the handle and the stirring spoon are made from copper electric wire that I hammered flat :) And as I didn't feel confident enouhg to try the scenic water, the concotion is made from glue gun glue and some fine green scattering material :D

Tomorrow I'll try to have time to do a wand and a book before we go to the wedding.

19 kommenttia:

  1. Wow, I love the concoction pot, and the way you made it! Beautiful table too. All very intriguing! Jean♥

  2. It's perfectly gruesome! Scares me to even look at it. I'm sure someone who does witchy things will adore it!!

  3. it's fabulous! well done...
    hugs Karin

  4. Geez Ira, how many "parts" to your give-away will there be? So many cool things!! Miniature blog people sure are a generous bunch with all their give-aways. So fun!

  5. Hi Ira!!

    what a wonderful miniatures! i wish i'm the lucky winner of your wonderful give away Ira! i always admire your work! ;)


  6. Soooo clever! I always love your ideas!


  7. Wow Ira it all looks amazing is there anything your not good at lol....

  8. It really looks like witchy, great work!

  9. You're so clever Ira, that sludge is just disgusting - which I suppose is exactly what it's supposed to be!

  10. La primera foto, me ha dado hasta miedo......debe ser una pasada verla al lado de una bruja y con poca luz.......
    Te ha quedado "asqueroso" como debe ser jejejeje
    el liquido baboso que cae de la jarra, desde luego lo tuyo son estas maravillas que haces.
    Una preciosidad.....jejeje (mucha gente pensara que estamos locas, porque nos gustan es tas minis jejeje)
    besitos ascension

  11. Puh! It seems snot...
    Given the enthusiasm of Ascension, I agree: it's all brilliant!
    I enjoy the thought that, during marriage, you think all the time when you go home and add stuff to these articles of witch :-)

  12. How cool they are!Absolutley fab!I love the dome! Great done as always :)

  13. Wow, they are great. I will be chasing you for some for Gertie ;0)
    Julia xxx

  14. Oh very good for a beginner wicht!
    I love them!

  15. Your give aways are unique and fabulous! I like them all.

    Hugs and greetings
    from Marion

  16. Wow! I seriously thought I had posted here before.

    I love how you made the pot! :)