tiistai 27. heinäkuuta 2010

Packages from Glenda, Nikki, Asuka and Small Wonders arrived :) And some little updates on the houses :)

First Glenda, look at ALL THESE minies, I'm just speechless with you my friend, I'll send you another package soon :)
Note the mushrooms from Kiva, they are just amazing. And I love the new shape of Glendas potion bottles and that standing one is just amazing!

Leather, eel skin, tiny leaves, dried grape bibs and laminate samples :)
Veggies and Nikki-stuff :)

Glenda's handmade amazing spiderweb and tons of little pieces I'll sure have fun with :)

A secret diy thing, I'l releaved it later if I manage to finish it :D

Then Nikki, as amazed, again!

Someone is already practicing broom skills :D

And he needs some friends, I'm thinking that a bat would be nice :D

And no, he isn't standing in his poop, just a temporary attachment :D

Gardening stuff :)

Boards, potion and witchy flowers :)
I really need to start building the witch house!

And then Asuka's fabulous minies, I just can't believe those little teabags, didn't open the packages yet so I wont loose them :)
And my order from Small Wonders, check it out, she has wonderful stuff in there :)

And then the houses, got the Indian room floor done

And here's Toscana houses garden with walls

This house is going to be big, don't know where to put it :D After I cut the garden base and put it in the place, I realized that I need to do a small strip of ground around the house and to the other end another little garden - so it's growing :D


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  1. ¡Que bonito todo! Me han enacantado esas botellitas y la cesta con setas. Todo, todo precioso. Enhorabuena, disfrutalo.

  2. Absolutely incredible ammount and quality of minies you have today Ira! LOL! A superb collection! I love your flying mouse:D Actually love everything you posted today :D Beautiful floor for Indian roombox! And the Toscana is bigger and bigger - can't wait to see this garden!
    (Gosh why can't I have so fast working post-office - not to mention the postman who brings everything at the door? ;))

  3. wow- so many wonderful items! Glenda's spider web is amazing- I bet it's even better in person! I can't wait to see your Indian roombox- I'm thinking I need to make an Indian roombox too for the wonderful items Sans has sent to me, but my mind is obsessed with candy right now! I can't wait to see the Toscana house garden too!!

  4. congratulations for these fantastic gifts, are wonderful...greetings

  5. Your certainly got some minis there to keep you busy..xxx

  6. How many beautiful miniatures....I'm impatient to see all your miniatures houses!

  7. What a great day you have had - receiving all those wonderful minis.

  8. WOW! I would need a whole page to comment on all of these wonderful things individually. They are all just wonderful so many beautiful pieces and things to play with. :-)

  9. A succession of wonderful things! Of course you have a craving for starting the witch's house :-)
    I'm just curious!
    Mini hugs, Flora

  10. Hehehe Ira - you were the chosen victim of my mini spring cleaning! :D Glad it arrived safely :)

    The little critters look so amusing on Nikki's broom and birdstand! :)

    Sooo much lovely loot - I'm off to wander through Small Wonders - thanks for the link :)

  11. BTW - don't misunderstand me, mini friends, about giving away some of my collected minis from Kiva and Nikki - I dearly love these creations, but I also have quite a few of them and want to see them out in the world more, especially in Ira's fab settings! :)))

  12. Glenda :D I'll be happily the victim of this kind of cleaning :)

    And to Glenda's last comment, I'm so, so proud to have these little pieces and they really will be used in the houses - kick myself on the butt - as soon as I get them done :D

  13. HOLY COW Ira!!!! You are on a roll with the miniatures, aren't you! :D Your blog is so fun because you always have so much to show - not just your amazing houses and minis you've made, but all the wonderful minis from others you get.
    HAHA...I like that the bird is standing in his poop, LMAO!!

  14. This is like hitting the jackpot!

    So many wonderful minis all. :)

  15. If I am holding my breath while slowly admiring all your minis , I would have fainted by now. The little marvels are incredibly impressive!!!

    I can't wait to see Kiva's moldy food ..lol! But I really love the pic of Kristy's mouse on his broom. Zoom, baby, zoom!

    You didn't receive my email on the chocolates? I LOVE THEM!!!!! I say I because I ate them all....hehehe (Dad can't take sweets , lucky me :):)).

  16. Que maravilla, cuantos tesoros en miniatura juntos!!!!
    besitos ascension

  17. Wow - what a wonderful lot of treasures.

    You have great taste :-)