keskiviikko 7. heinäkuuta 2010

Some shopping - again... and my first "doll" :D

I've been looking at the stuff in Marquis Miniatures for a long time and had to get some for my Toscana house
Aren't they fabulous? They are made so well, I love them! (And Ewa, there isn't any dragons available ;)

And then - drumroll please - this little adorable, huggable cutie is moving to my witches house :D

Isn't she/he (hadn't made up my mind yet) CUTE???? I love it, my little withc mouse is even bringing her/his own preserved eyeballs with :D Thank you SO MUCH Kristy for this fabulous little critter :) But he/her isn't going to travel alone, there's a another critter coming along, but it will be releaved later on :D

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  1. I love the painters table and the stubbed out cigarette butts. LOL

    Luck you to have one of Kristy's critters! That mouse is just adorable. She is so talented!!!

  2. I can't believe the painter's items!! They are so 1:1!!! There are some absolutely amazing mini makers out there - inspiring!!
    The mouse is just perfect, too - she needs a wand!
    10 out of 10 for shopping, Ira!! and thanks for the links :)

  3. Oh my! Kristy's mouse! Now I am jealous... No I'm kidding but she/he is adorable!!! The painter's stuff looks so good!
    Come on this is my first dragon...I think;)

  4. Que maravilla, la mesa con los utensilios para pintar.
    El raton es una precisoidad, me encanta!!!
    Gracias por el enlace.
    besitos ascension

  5. So cute Kirsty makes the most lovely little things.

    Debie xxxxx

  6. I always drool over Marquis Miniatures items on etsy too- they are so wonderful! Kristy's mouse is adorable! Her animals are so fab! Love the little witch hat- and so curious to see the critter that will be revealed later!

  7. oh, my my! What a lovely witchy mousy! His/her hands and tails are so cute :-)

  8. Ich find sie auch süß, die kleine Maus.
    Es gibt bei eifel-minis eine kleine süße Szene mit einer Maus,ich geb dir mal den link:

  9. He could be called Thaddeus, and be the assistant of an evil wizard cat...
    Is a love, even if those two eyeballs that preserves so carefully, make me a bit sick...

  10. Glenda, I need to make you do some shopping as we're with Ewa near bankrupty with all the shopping :D And your last link cost me quite a big penny :D
    Kim, they're are really worth of the price, fabulous pieces :)
    Nina, danke für den link, tolle minies :)

  11. Lucky girla. You have one t¡of the wonderful Kristy creation...I am green of envy..LOL ;)
    It is reallysweet and cute, Congratulations!!

  12. The minis in the first photo are fantastic and of course Kristy's mouse is perfect!

  13. Glenda, I made a wand for the mouse today - thanks for the idea! :)
    Ewa, you can't really see it so well in these photos, but I used EasyCast in that little jar, and it has bubbles and an uneven top - this is what I meant when I told you I changed my mind about it, lol.
    Ira, I'm thrilled you like this little guy. But remember, he may have to travel alone if his buddy turns out looking like crap, LOL. And I love your new painter's set - it does look incredibly well made, just perfect!

  14. La mesas es de lo mas completa pero el ratoncito me ha enamorado,estoy impaciente por ver a su acopañante,besos

  15. He/she is so cute!! I can't wait to see what else is traveling with her/him. Your post reminds me that my auntie Gertie needs an apron in her house. I HAD to go look at that mouse again!!

  16. OHHHHH! The little mouse is so cute, how lucky you are,and the painter´s set is so nice also, congratulations,

  17. The mouse is adorable!

    Have fun with the gardening swap, that is such a great idea! :)

  18. Impresionante la mesa de pintor, no le falta detalle, es de un realismo asombroso.
    El ratoncito brujo, me ha enamorado, tiene una expresión dulce y simpatica.
    Muchas gracias por el enlace, me voy a ver esas maravillas.
    Enhorabuena. Besitos, May

    Impressive paint table, it lacks detail, realism is amazing.
    The mouse wizard, I was in love, has a sweet and nice expression.
    Thank you very much for the link, I'm going to see these wonders.
    Congratulations. Besitos, May