perjantai 30. heinäkuuta 2010

My orders from Kat and Dale arrived and got the olive tree ready :)

Here's what I had ordered from Kat for Poe house
That black hat is just fabulous, I'll take tomorrow better detailed pics of it. And that parasol in the fron is just perfect for Eleonora :) Sorry, stained the wood part to fit my dark interior :)
And ordered a hat to my Bakery and one to my friend Hanne :)

Kat had put in the package two beautiful doilies, books and a picture frame :) Thank you so much Kat, I love your hats, maybe I need some more :D

And then some more stuff from Dale to Poe house

Monogram pillows E.A.P and Dale had nicely added an O :) The carpet is from Dale, it fits perfectly to the bedroom/study :)
The two other pillows are going to my black and white room - yes, going to do one :D - and Dale had so nicely added these two fabulous pictures, I love them :)

And one more thing to Poe, I couldn't resist this beauty from Cilla/Minst

Isn't it fab? The lovely box behind is from Sans :)

Then the Toscana garden, got some mossing and grassing done and also did a shutter to the window, anyone would like to join for a salad?

And did one zinnia kit, don't know what I did wrong - the kit was supposed to do 9 flowers and I have petals left for at least 15 zinnias more :D

And here's the olive tree, it's full of those damned glue threads - had to use the glue gun as the plastic leaves didn't want to stick with tacky glue.

But we can always think that there's a spider living in the tree or is it a ghost tree?

I for some reason love this pic :)

Now off to start with the peach tree and maybe some more zinnias :)
You all have a wonderful weekend :)

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  1. I love the decor and whole look of Poe's house! When can we see the outside?! I love the bird in the dome too, who made it for you?! Just wonderful things and presents. ;o))

    I love the olive tree too! ;o)

    Michelle xxx

  2. Thanks Michelle :) Well, the outside, it might take a while as it has only the base coat painted :D I'll try to get some exterior work done soon, just need to do some work in Toscana first :)

    The bird is from a Swedish shop Minst, just google it, she has fabulous stuff in there!

  3. All excellent, Ira!! More eye candy to delight us!!
    Love it all :)

  4. So viele schöne Sachen, Ira.
    Ich bin ganz begeistert vom Poe - Haus.
    Und vom Toscana Garten auch, wie romantisch.

  5. Glad you liked your little hats, the Gothic one looks good in Poe's house. Parasol looks good stained really fits in with the decor. I love all your other goodies, what a lovely selection.

  6. Love both scenes! Looks like you got some wonderful additions to them. Try using a hair dryer to get rid of those glue-threads - don't hold it too close or too long, don't want to melt the rest of the glue - but it's often enough heat and air to get rid of those pesky thread.

    - Grace

  7. Love the carpet and the pillows and the printies of course! The plants are looking so good! The rest is great too! :D

  8. I love everything about the Poe house! Lovely new minis too. I think my favorite is under the glass dome. :-)

  9. All your little minis are so delightful! I just love coming over and looking at everything! It all looks amazing!


  10. Just one word: Wow!!!!

    Have a nice weekend!

  11. Thank you all :) And BIG thank you Grace, no more glue threads in the olive tree :)

  12. Ira, those pillows for Poe are gorgeous!(I love Letters on things anyway) And the bird in the jar is really special!
    Your tiny garden is coming together so quickly! I wish I could just come sit there with you for salad.....! I'm sure you would have a very full garden pretty fast if we could just pop over! Your work is so inspiring!

  13. It is all looking good Ira and your flowers and olive tree are great. I like that pic too, looks like a ghost is whizzing past it. Oh, and love the crow under the glass dome, it is perfect!

  14. It's like 365 days of Christmas at your house Ira! Wonderful purchases, and wonderful things you've been making too. And I'd definately love to come over for salad! Ha, a tree inhabited by ghosts, how cool. On that note I've been wondering recently if one way to create a cobweb effect in a corner would be to use hot glue in the way that you 'accidentally' have here - what do you think?

  15. The olive tree is your hat! I will get a Mad Hatters hat from Kat when she has on Etsy again. Dale's pillows and rug fit perfectly in your Poe scenes. Can't wait to see what you do next.

    Victoria :)

  16. Lovely gifts and the flowers and olive tree are so wonderful! I love that pic looks like a wind blowing through.

  17. Preciosas compras y preciosos regalos.
    CPoe estara muy contento.
    El rincón de la Toscana ha quedado precioso, Dan ganas de ir a pasa el fin de semana.
    El olivo esta muy conseguido.

  18. ¡Que preciosidad de Compras ! la sombrilla es Estupenda Los Almohadones , Preciosos .
    El Jardín de la toscana va quedando muy bonito , Tienes MUY BUENA mano con Las Flores , besos y buen Fin de Semana

  19. Lovely gifts and the olive tree looks great!

  20. They are very different, the two environments showing tonight ...
    One so bad and full of pathos, the other so graceful and serene ...
    The contrast leaves a deep impression!
    I love all your purchases, the personal effects of Elonora are so intimate ...
    Dale's stuff is perfect!
    I would love one day to come see these wonders for myself :-)

  21. Me encantan tus compras y enhorabuena por tus regalitos.
    El jardin de la Toscana te esta quedando precioso, las flores geniales!!!
    El olivo es una maravilla.
    Feliz fin de semana.
    besitos ascension

  22. KAts hats are completly addictive I love them and your looks great! Dale's pillows are the best too, Id love a monogrammed one once I have an ordinary house to put one in! Great olive tree too. Kate xx

  23. ¡Que cargada has llegado de compras y regalos preciosos! El rincon de la Toscana muy acogedor. Besos Clara

  24. Some wonderful purchase there. I have Dale's work. She has magic fingers with fabric :). Extremely neat stitches.

    Your houses are filled with so many wonderful things from so many different artists. They must be treasured for generations to come.

    I have to laugh at the last pic. There is a lovely wicked dark side to you which I think is totally FABULOUS!

  25. Wow. Love it all. That Poe house is going to be simply stunning when it's finished!


  26. Thank you all for your really nice words :)

  27. All is wonderful, I love Edgar's house, Toscana garden is fantastic, I don't know what I say...I like all...greetings

  28. Ira, I am so glad you are pleased with your purchases. :)

    My "Museum Quality Prints" are not printies, they are not duplicated and I don't run them off of the computer.

    I have a Top Secret Source. lol ;)

    Can I just say that the wallpaper is phenominal? I love it! :)

    Much thanks to all that complimented my work but the true thanks is to Ira and the work that she does. :)

    Her work and the other items she has gathered are wonderful. :)

    Thank you, Ira. :)

  29. Dale, I didn't know! They truly are fabulous and are going to go to my fancy house to which I'm collecting all quality miniatures :)

  30. Love everything. You've done a great job on the flowers and trees.

  31. What a great selection of miniatures you have here in this blog. I like your work!
    You are mentioning Cat and Dale - do they have an internetshop? Like to see if there are some goodies for our houses...

    Mincka - the Netherlands