perjantai 16. heinäkuuta 2010

A basket of daisies and welcome new followers :)

This is all what I got done yesterday, a little basket full of daisies for Kim :)
This weekend will be no minies weekend as I have to clean the house, the we have the party on Saturday and most likely I will have awful hangover on Sunday :D

And welcome new followers, Flor, Chris, Alcy, Lyn, Vivan, Kreattiva, Sara, Bastrota, Macrupe, Iris, Lucia, Wanda, Minilisa, KLC, Becky, Ana, Depora, Yvanna, Caroline, Judy, Heli, Magela, Contar, Catherine and Sketching girl, really nice to have you all here and hope that you enjoy your time in my blog :)

22 kommenttia:

  1. I love all the flowers you make!!!! they are so perfect and exquisite... that you can even smell them :-)

  2. The daisies are so pretty and so is the basket! Have fun during the party!

  3. Such lovely flowers!! Daisies are always so cheerful!
    Did you make the basket? - I love it!! :))

  4. Your flowers are always so cute. Have a nice party en weekend :-))
    groetjes Ingrid

  5. Very cute little Daisies Ira. You've been very busy with your flower swap flowers! What a fun idea.

    Have a nice time this weekend (and please drink a drink (or two or three) for me, lol. Cheers! (or..KIPPIS!)

  6. Enjoy your party, Ira!! And if it's still hot there, remember to drink plenty of water!! - I learned that when I lived in the Sydney heat :)

  7. Lovely daisies,Have fun at the party and I hope you arent too hung over on sunday !
    julie xx

  8. I love your flowers, very nicely made.

  9. Me encanta la cesta de margaritas y los colores que has elegido!!
    besitos ascension

  10. Your basket and flowers are really pretty. Have a great time in your party :0)
    Julia xxxx

  11. bello il cestino !!!beautiful basket with daisies, unfortunately I can not join your swap because I am not about to start a preogetto very difficult for a Museum, I hope in your next initiative.
    mini hugs ♥

  12. Beautiful basket, Kim is lucky.
    You are very good in flowers art! :-))

  13. Your daisies are beautiful! Kim will love them!

  14. oh darn! I looked! But oh how excited I am because they are perfect and I love, love, love them- I can hardly decide which house I want them in!!!! I hope you have a fabulous party Ira!!!

  15. Thank you all :) Glenda - yes, was looking at your baskets, tried to something like them, gave up quite fast :D That's just rounds of the straw glued together, you don't see the back in the picture :D And I try to drink some water - hmm, the punch will have some water in it, will that do :D

    Kris, I'll drink a couple and lots of more for you :D

    Kim, I'm really happy that you like them, been doing yesterday some orange flowers and crazy sunflowers :) I hope that I feel somehow well on Sunday so I can do some minies, but in this age the hangovers seem to last at least 3 days...

  16. Te ha quedado preciosa y alegre.
    Besitos, May

  17. ¡Gracias por la bienvenida!! Para mi es un placer llegar aquí ¡me gusta mucho!!!
    Un beso

  18. Esta cesta de margaritas te ha quedado genial. Besos Clara

  19. Thank you very much for your welcome!

    Your flower basket is lovely. Such nice colors.

    Hugs and greeetings from Bavaria, Germany