keskiviikko 14. heinäkuuta 2010

Nina's and Janice's swaps ready :)

Have had a very non-productive day today, it's still too hot, over 40°C and feel just like doing nothing.
But got two swaps ready, I posted Nina's today and will take Janice's tomorrow to the post office :)

Here's what I made to Janice, a witchy plant and a bag with wand holder :)
And for Nina a vase with flowers, I "painted" the vase myself with marker as you can clearly see from the picture :D

Hope you like them :)

ps. look closely at the background - yes, the pics are taken in the Bakkery so no, it hasn't vanished :D I've been just not happy with the bedroom and the bakery area, so just emptied those floors and start to do some rearranging there, but have to wait for the right mood, as I'm now in the dark, mysterious mood :D

19 kommenttia:

  1. you work very fast!! and your works are beautiful, they're very nice gifts, I like all! greetings

  2. You painted this vase yourself?! WOW! I am impressed!I would never paint so little thing so great! I love the colours of the bag and the witche's plant! AND I want to see the progress of your bakkery soon! :D

  3. Ira - I can't even keep up with reading your posts!! Lovely flowers are pouring from your clever hands!!

    I'm a bit slow on the minis for your parcel, sorry, but I'll be working on them today :)

  4. The composition in blue vase is absolutely one of the nicest I've ever seen!
    Is gentle and cheerful, as I think it yourself.
    You are very good and I am happy to admire your work :-)

  5. Wonderful. I love these minis.

  6. The witchy plant is great and I love the handbag with a wand holder :0) Your flowers are really pretty too. You have been busy, they are all lovely.
    Julia xxx

  7. wow that is some detailed work! I love the vase!!

  8. Nice gifts Ira and that vase you 'painted' is fabulous!

  9. You did a beautiful job on the vase. I wish you had air-conditioning. I understand the heat, but we have air conditioning so it sometimes gets so cold at work, we have to go outside to warm up even if it's 95!

  10. Your vase is awesome, like a bought one. Love the flowers and plant and the bag is very stylish!

  11. The painted base is excellent!!! The true is that I love everything. You have made a lovely work!
    Here is as hot as can be and it's getting very hard to make minis.. hope we can soon have a cooler weather!!
    Take care,

  12. Segruo que se van a poner muy contentas cuando reciban los regalitos.
    El bolso te ha quedado genial y la planta muy apropiada.
    El jarron con flores, te ha quedado precioso.
    Arriba ese animo!!!!!!
    Esto es por culpa de tanta calor!!!!!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  13. Bellissime miniature! I like especially the bag. The plant and vase are so real...

  14. Thank you all :) Lainie, we do have airconditioning at the house, but still this heat makes me sooo lazy :)

  15. Es fabuloso el trabajo del jarron y el contraste de las flores me encanta, el bolso con el soporte de la vara es muy original,besos

  16. Te an quedado preciosos los regalos. Este año el calor es agobiante en todos los sitios. ¡Animo!
    Besitos, May

  17. The bag is wonderful, and the flowers > I thought they were real!!!
    Have a beautiful day

  18. Oh oh oh, I can't get over the fact that you painted the vase. With a marker you said? No way! It looks glazed! Remarkable work, Ira! LOVE IT!