sunnuntai 11. huhtikuuta 2010

1:1 food

No minies done today as after the guests left I was feeling so tired - only blog hopping and wishing I would be a millionare so I could order all these amazing furniture and silverware...

Here's what we ate today, I can tell you it was all good :)

Ice berg lettuce, rucola, cherrytomatoes, roasted pine seeds, olive oil, salt, pepper, aceto di balsamico and orange balsamico glaze

Aspargagus-minced meat pie - filling is fried minced meat with onion, garlic, salt and pepper, cheesy white sauce made with butter, flour and canned white aspargagus water, cut aspargagus, salt, pepper and Hungarian spicy red pepper, crust made with butter, flour and sharp Emmentaler.

I skipped the berrycream and filled the Devils food cake with white chocolate-nougat mousse and bananas and criss crossed some chocolate sauce on top of it, excellent I have to say :)

I didn't take pics of the other salads, but the Greek cucumber slices - seeded and sliced cucumber, olive oil, white vinegar, salt, sugar, oregano oil and wild oregano from Crete. The other one is so easy and good - canned mandarin slices and sultana raisins, that's it. I also had some herb baguette with cream cheese, Greek tsatziki spice and pesto. I'm stuffed :D

7 kommenttia:

  1. Thank God I am after supper - I would get hungry if I wasn't! Look delicious!

  2. Hmmmm, I think it was a mistake to look at your blog update before breakfast, my toast and tea is going to be so boring by comparison to this feast! I wanto to trade it for your Devil's Food cake!! How lucky your dinner guests were to have you prepare all this wonderful food for them :)

  3. It all looks delicious!!! I am sure your guests were delighted.

    I'm with you Norma. I am going to feel slighted when I reheat the frozen pizza I had yesterday for dinner tonight. UGH!

  4. Devil's food cake? never heard of it but looks yummy !!!! as well as your salads. hanks for the recipes :oP Rosanna

  5. rosanna - you have to try it, it's great :) And I can tell you girls that I'll live with coffee and yogurth today, as I'm still stuffed from yesterday :)

  6. Ira, so I gather you must be a super chef? Not only that, your photography is superb! I am glad I wasn't invited to your dinner, I will gobble everything up and put on all the weight I have lost in 3 months overnight! :):)

  7. Oh, that was probably the first time someone said my pics are good :D Thanks a lot! No, I'm not a good photographer, I just have a really good camera, which I don't know how to use :D But there's plenty of those ready made adjustments and one of them is for food, it enhances the colours. So, I'm cheating big time, should really learn how to use the camera, but the instruction manual is 150 pages long... too much!

    And yes, I love to cook, not so often any more as we seem to be in hurry all the time with 2 kids doing competitive sports. Mainly thanks to my parents who are both superb cooks, real culinarists :)