sunnuntai 11. huhtikuuta 2010

Todays minis

Here's what I got done today after all the cooking

The coffee cans and the magazine are printables, the kitchen "ladder" is made out of popsicle sticks and balsa and the log basket from thick paper. I also made the plan for the Gray houses kitchen, now there's tons to build for it, the biggest problem being the fridge.

Tomorrow I'll be having the guests over so probably won't get anything done.

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  1. That's really nice work Ira! Lovely minis!

  2. Wow you did great job on the ladder! The basket is really wonderful too.

    What kind of fridge are you looking for? I have beening looking at them too and have found severalgood ones. What period in history do you want your kitchen to be in?

  3. You are such a fast worker Ira! They are all lovely things too :)

    By the way the prospect of being the next recipient of the Kick Ass Award has frightened me into action - I've demolished 2 of the Michael's hutches and stayed up past midnight working out what to do with the dining room floor on one of my new projects so I hope that will keep me 'safe' for the moment ;) Pics coming in the next few days...

  4. I think that ladder which you made is great! Very effective use of popsicle sticks. I love your Kick Ass award! lol. Did you invent it? I am also curious about the fridge. Not easy to find good ones that are affordable :)

  5. Thanks girls :) The ladder is actually 7 cm too high what they would normally be, but I don't think that it's a big mistake.

    Catherine - I'm looking for a modern one, app. 70's or 80´s with a small freezer compartment on the top. The kitchen is going to be quite modest with a similar gas cooker that is in Lea Frisoni's book.

    Norma - Yeah, you should get the award also ;) I've been looking forward to see some hutch pics, hmmm... (tapping my feet on the floor) but now you tell me how busy you've been, so your safe :D

    Sans - I just found the pic in the net, that one is solely reserved to Glenda, but be afraid, I might come up with something else :D

  6. The ladder and the wood box look great, the other items too.

  7. Beautiful minis Ira! Hope you have a good time with your guests!

  8. Thanks, we had nice time and I got really nice gifts (it was my B-day luncheon) :)

    Now as Glenda is off-line for a week, I can tell you that all that stuff is going to Glenda at Peppercorn minies as she's is going to build a Finnish lake cottage - I'm still trying to do some small things that everyone has on their cottages :D

  9. That's such a kind gesture Ira! She's going to be sooooo excited when she finds out :)