torstai 29. huhtikuuta 2010

New pics of Toscana house

Here's some new pics of Toscana house, there's some new stuff :)
The kitchen got a fridge and shelving on the wall.
On the cooker there's my new Bialetti  :) On the wall is a new frying pan. Notice, I have Italian dish washing liquid :)
Shelving and Sonya's fab jars and Chianti bottle :)
Sonya's painting is on the wall :)
The atelier

Her paint brushes are in pretty bad shape :D I'll have to try some nicer ones tomorrow.
Should start with the dividing walls, but I might have to make the roof first so I can see how the walls should slope. It's going to be difficult, let me tell you :)

14 kommenttia:

  1. Thank you Ira, I do appreciate the warm feeling. Living in such cold countries we need warm surroundings for sure!!!
    I have been missing out on your latest posts; I adore your Toscana house, the details..o and those fantastic gifts from Sonya!!!!
    Lucky you!!!!!
    Have a great weekend Ira :D
    Synnøve ;)

  2. I've had a fine time wandering through the Toscana house, taking a long look at everything - lovely, lovely, lovely!!

  3. It looks really lovely, Ira great job!

  4. Love your kitchen and the amazing Italian coffee pot on the stove. Nice warm colours in the lounge and I wish I had the ateliers spacious workroom.

  5. Ira, I love seeing the scene grow and change as you add bits and pieces -- and such lovely bits and pieces!


  6. I like your rooms very much, especially the kitchen. I like the atmosphere.

  7. The house looks great! Paint brushes are fab! All the little gifts you got from Sonya suit so well in your house!

  8. All beautiful! It 'very exciting to see the house grow...

  9. The house has a great personality...It's lovely and quite inspiring for me, as I plan my mediterranean house...I might need your advice! ;-)

  10. Thank you all :) It's coming together quite slowly, but surely :)

    Anthoula - well, it's my idea of Toscana house having many things not right - it should have tiled floors instead of the wooden ones, but this house is renovated by a non-Italian :D

  11. What beautiful projects! I love the Atelier especially but love the touches in the kitchen--Italian dish washing soap! Wow!


  12. This kitchen is like my mother's one.
    Old and modern at the same time!
    You have given to it a very italian touch!
    Very good!

  13. your Tuscan cooking is wonderful, and I mean that I am Italian!
    I love the second photo: the coffee maker on the kitchen is so realistic! I beg you tell me where you found! I also would like to possess such power ...
    a kiss from the beautiful Italy, Caterina

    PS sorry, maybe I'm sending a duplicate message, but blogger does not work!

  14. hello! I went to take a cup of coffee ...
    ah ah!!
    Kisses, Caterina