maanantai 19. huhtikuuta 2010

Salt dough and dogs....

Not a good combination. One of our dogs ate all my baquettes, chocolate cakes, buns etc. last night. What a wonderful suprise - not. So, I have to start to do some experimenting if varnishing would make the dough not eatable or to find some spice etc. that makes the dough not appealing to the dogs. It's going to be hard, as the our dogs eat EVERYTHING except canned mushrooms - there has to be something seriously wrong with them :D

So, if you have dogs, keep the salt dough away from them. Or I would believe that normal dogs wouldn't eat it, but for our dogs the whole meaning of life is to EAT.

Now off for a walk with them,


11 kommenttia:

  1. Oh Ira im sorry to hear that after all your hard work but at least you know they were good enough to eat lol...

  2. That's really annoying to have all these beauties done and then eaten. Still the dough must have been tasty.;)

  3. You have to laugh, as Rachel says, they must be good enough to eat. You must have forgiven them quickly. My dog I had years ago would also eat almost anything, even ate my pair of pantihose. Embarrassing when it finally emerged, on a beach with people looking on.

  4. I'm very sorry, but it's like a story in a children's book.

  5. LOL , sorry, this is a giggle moment :). Didn't I ask if the salt dough, being food, attract pests and insects? hehe

  6. Noooooo!

    Okay, it's funny, but my first reaction was horror, both at your loss and your dogs' gain :)

  7. That is so hilarious, sorry I mean disastrous! I hope you spoke to them about their salt intake! Well at least they have good taste, NO?

  8. lol- Lize- your comment was hilarious! I am so sorry to hear this- frustrating when you work so hard at something and then- poof- gone!

  9. Darling, you imagine that I spend the day to prevent my daughter to 16 months of eating whatever she find! The cardboard and tape are her favorites!!!

  10. Margaret - I can imagine, but you could always say that it's this new method to have the poop already packed :D Thank god our dogs haven't eaten any stuff like that although one of them had this fetish for worn underwear when he was younger...

    Sans - lol :D You have to be careful if you try it, you might have a Rhodesian Ridgeback problem :D

    Lize - :D :D Well, I did try to tell them that the salt is normally used to make the dogs vomit, but no, not ours, they have steel stomachs :) But the water intake has been quite large today :D

    Kim - I'm afraid the the cakes etc. will appear in the night - poof - poop on the floor... :D

    Flora - omg, that's a hard job! Thought you could give your daugter some egg cartons to munch them up ready to do some tiles :D I'm sorry, I have a bit strange sense of humour :D I have these two idiot dogs who love to steal cardboard things around the house and then they really eat them... And one idiot thinks that anything wrapped in plastic HAS to be eatable so quite often I find some of my craft stuff newly shaped, today he checked this christmas tree diy-kit, luckily he didn't break anything.

    I'm having this evil idea that I'll leave many, many different plates and bowls on the kitchen counters, dinner table etc. all filled with mushrooms and leave house. I would love to see their faces when finding out :D