perjantai 2. huhtikuuta 2010

Gray House coming up

Here's what I've been doing today

This house is going to be real DIY house as I decided today that I need the house and fast. Of course all the stores are closed today and no plywood or MDF around. The only usable thing that I had was 2 mm cardboar which of course is too thin for the construction. I went to see around the carage what we have there and found some beading, so I did the base for the floor from it and added a middle support so that the floor won't warp.

Then cut the back wall and again I had the problem that it's too thin. Went looking around again and only usable thing that I found was a 30 mm polystyrene insulation board. So, I cut it up, glued to the cardboard and cut the window and door openings. Then decided that the back wall is going to be plastered so that went up.

Now I reget that I didn't come up the insultion board earlier as it would be good on the side walls also, but as it's so thick, it would take too much room space from the house. Tomorrow I have to tackle the side walls and floor, which have to be at least 10 mm thick - and don't still have anything in that thickness and there's not enough of the 2 mm cardboard. See what I come up with.

I will age and dirty the plaster and the base will be either plastered or stone.

This is so me, I start to do something without any real plan, now I only had the measurements for the layout but not the slightest clue what I'm going to use for the construction.

Here's my first, kind of sad try of tiles, but they'll do fine as the bathroom is going to be visible only from the door and window.

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  1. Why sad try? The tiles look good to me! I am so curious about the whole building now!

  2. They look better in the pic than in real, they were supposed to be tiles, but the grouting didn't turn out the best way, so they look more like bricks now - but that's fine with me :)

    We'll see if I can manage to build it so that it won't collapse :D

  3. So creative! And I am having difficulties putting together Joanna's Victoria's Farmhouse from a kit with all pieces handily supplied!


  4. It looks great to me. :-)
    Happy Easter!

  5. wow- I can't wait to see more! I am like Jody- I have trouble enough just with the kits!

  6. You're very inventive. As I have never constructed a house (my shop was ready-made) I enjoy seeing how everyone goes about this. For now, just deciding on wall coverings, flooring and finding out about lighting is enough.

  7. It's always fun to visit your blog, Ira - you're very active!! I seem to struggle to make only one little thing a week.
    I would have liked to see virpominen with the kids dressed as witches.

    I'm making a little something for your Bakkery :)


  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog! For the little bird statue it was a plastic toy (Polly Pocket style) I painted.
    Congratulations for your DIY house! It reminds me so much of mine! If you want to have a look at the construction, please go to the end of my blog (first message). I explain how I did and it was in cardboard as well!

  9. Thanks you all :) Glenda - what are you up now? I have to admit that I have a thing reserved just for you ;)

    Tom pouce - I've been reading your blog this morning and I have to say that I LOVE your houses, especially the atelier and the rustic country house. I'll have to check your construction post :)

  10. Thanks Merry Jingle!

    For the construction, the best thing you could do is to look for "Gros oeuvre" in "Rubriques". These are all the posts about construction itself. If you want to see the making of everything in the rustic house please click on "Feuilleton maison". This will avoid you scroll down the whole blog!
    Happy Easter!