lauantai 3. huhtikuuta 2010

Gray House has 2 walls :)

Gosh this construction work is slow. I've got today done the second wall to the Gray House, some more bathroom tiles and a fireplace to the bedroom. I fought an hour with the bathroom light as the wires had come off and I had to solder it to get it work, not an easy job when the light is already on the wall... Here's the current state, don't mind the mess :)

As I was today also short of building materia, I made a fast trip to the hardware store and the only suitable wall material was cauliflower boxes :D So, now I have sauna insulation board and cauliflower boxes, wonder what I'll use next :D

Here's a couple of close ups, I'm especially pleased with the fireplace. The body is made from the 30 mm insulation board and then cladded with cardboard. There's actually real bricks inside the fireplace :) I'll see when the room is ready if I need to make more black.

Tomorrow I have to do the stairs and a couple of wall lights as well as hanging lights, before I have them ready I can't build anymore walls. Now I need a cig badly, so see ya :)

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hey Ira your doing great so far cant wait to see it finished

  2. Ira, you need to leave some ciggies in your houses - have you seen Kiva Atkinson's drinks and cigs trays? There's one on eBay at the moment
    They usually go for high prices, but fun to look at