torstai 29. huhtikuuta 2010

Wonderful gifts from Sonya :) and some furniture to Poe's house

Look what the post brought today from Rome, Sonya:

I just love all of them, perfect for my Toscana house :) Look at the wonderful basket, the ceramics,  the chianti bottle, the small Provolone cheese, the preserves, all of it - I'm really happy :) Thank you Sonya SO much!

Here's what I have for Poe's house ready:
The wooden sheet is the floor of the house - so small. So I've decided to attach the Primrose to the Orchid in order to get some more room. The Primrose will be the kitchen and on the ground floor of Orchid will be the living room/enterance. Upstairs is the bedroom/study and maybe the bathroom, I haven't decided yet the actual era the house is in.

And isn't the picture frame fab, it's made from kit by Cynthia Howe.

Now off to fit all the new lovely stuff to my Toscana house :)

7 kommenttia:

  1. I'm very happy that all are arrived safe!

  2. Ilove the colour of the furniture! And how great idea it is to put 2 houses together! I am so curouis how it is going to look like! (by the way, love the Italian stuff Sonia! Lucky girl you are Ira:))

  3. What beautiful gifts from Sonya! I especially love the baskets. I am looking forward to seeing how you combine the 2 houses.

  4. Enhorabuena, son uns detalles preciosos!!!
    La casa de Poe, te va a quedar genial!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Beautiful accessories and furniture for the house of Poe. It will take a beautiful black cat...
    Very nice gifts from Sonia: like a good Italian, I love Chianti and provola cheese:-)
    Quite right in Tuscany home.
    A hig

  6. What you got from Sonya is great, I love everything, so perfect for your Toscana house. The picture frame is gorgeous.

  7. Everything from Sonya is outstanding!! So real, especially those jars of preserves :). Sonya, I want to be your friend :):). You are a lucky gal, Ira!

    I also think Poe's house is going to be Poe-tent!! Is the whole simultaneously white (toscano house) and black (Poe) idea intentional ? You can switch , just like that, Ira? You are amazing!